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Lindsay Maldonado

Senior Director, Board of Directors



[email protected]

Why Shop with a Consultant?

With the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories, it's easy to find something you'll love. When you place your order from me from this private, secured site, your order will arrive at your home promptly and wrapped in discreet packaging. What are you waiting for? Let's shop!

Wish list longer than expected? No problem! When you host a party with me, you receive a free gift plus a percentage of your party's sales to use toward the product you love-all for having a night of laughs your friends will never forget. Hosting is always free and always fun, so call me to book your party today!

Who would have thought when I was dragged to a Girls’ Night one summer over 10 years ago that this would become my career?!!? I started my career as a Romance Enhancement Expert at 19 for extra money and to make new friends while attending college. This business helped me so much to make ends meet and give me the extra income, socialization, and flexible schedule I so desperately needed while in school. I even kept my business going as I started my teaching career, because you never really have enough money as a teacher. When I got pregnant with my son after 2 years of trying, everything changed. Since then, my business has grown by leaps and bounds with my family and business as my focus. My team sold over $500,000 last year earning me an incredible income and bonuses. I myself have sold over $150,000 the past 2 years and earned numerous FREE trips and vacations to exotic places the past 5 years. This business has enabled my family and I to live a lifestyle most can’t comprehend. We have and do everything we want while working on becoming debt free. With my team, we dream and work plans to achieve them. This business has proven to me nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!! Everything is possible ONE PARTY AT A TIME, you just have to decide what you want to achieve. If joining my team is something you are not interested in YET, having a party with me, should be!! They are tasteful shopping fun filled with education all in the privacy of your home. All orders are private and confidential filled that night or shipped within two weeks. Party hostesses receive 10% of party sales plus additional discounts, and FREE Gifts based upon the success of the party! You can also shop with me on my website or via phone. I hope to hear from you soon! I would love to help you increase your bank statement, help you heat up things in your bedroom, and teach you how to pamper yourself like the queen you are!