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Aubri Lancaster

I'll find you a consultant anywhere in the country! I'm personally in:

SIMI VALLEY, California


[email protected]

Why Shop with a Consultant?

With the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories, it's easy to find something you'll love. When you place your order from me from this private, secured site, your order will arrive at your home promptly and wrapped in discreet packaging. What are you waiting for? Let's shop!

Wish list longer than expected? No problem! When you host a party with me, you receive a free gift plus a percentage of your party's sales to use toward the product you love-all for having a night of laughs your friends will never forget. Hosting is always free and always fun, so call me to book your party today!

Hi! I'm Aubri, your Romance consultant. We have consultants throughout the US and Canada and I'd be HAPPY to help you find one to do your Home Party!

Are you looking for an opportunity to work from home? I offer regular contests and incentives for my team members along with one on one training! You're never on your own to try to figure it all out, but I won't hound you either!

Who is Aubri?
I'm married to a wonderful man and we have four furry four legged kids. I watch way too much TV (loving Arrow and Top Chef right now, but will always be a Buffy fan), and when I'm not doing parties, we're often hosting movie marathons for our friends... hmm I guess that's a party too. LOL

I've been in Direct Sales for 15 years and I absolutely LOVE it! This business has helped me buy my dream car, the Prius, and has allowed me the freedom to travel, spend time with friends and family, and truly enjoy life!

I am a Director with a fabulous team, the Passion Angels, and can't believe I make a full time income working just 3 or 4 days a week!

I quit my day job after just 3 months and have supported myself entirely with my business ever since! I never thought this would be my career, but I fell in love with it!

Host a Party that's Classy, NOT Trashy!
I am an experienced consultant with over 800 parties under my belt. I play games, crack jokes, offer the Sex Ed you DIDN'T get in Middle School, but most importantly make sure that EVERYONE is comfortable with the products I show and the presentation I offer.

I can't tell you how many times I've had ladies tell me how relieved they were to find my presentation to be fun, informative, and CLASSY! Here's some Testimonials:

"Aubri was an outstanding consultant to my party! It was full of fun, facts, and was a great way for the ladies to spend time together!!!" ~ Kari

"You made me comfortable enough to be curious and not ashamed of being curious!" ~ Mary

"I've been to other parties but have only ever hosted with Aubri as my consultant. She is the most professional, informative & entertaining. My guests always ask if she'll be there when I tell them I'm hosting another Party." ~ Jennifer

"Aubri was very sincere and approachable. What some ladies may find uncomfortable in a group, Aubri discussed, educated and shared in a very open and friendly manner. Her delivery was fun and candid, making for a very enjoyable evening!" ~ Marilyn

If you are in the Southern California area, I'd be happy to do your party for you! My calendar fills up fast, but I'll do my best to fit you in!

If you are OUTSIDE the Southern California area or want a date that I am unavailable for, I'd be happy to find a local consultant for you who will take good care of you and make sure you have LOTS of fun!

Join my team, the Passion Angels!
My Passion Angels team has consistently sold over a Quarter of a Million Dollars every year for the last 11 years and I am SO proud of each and every one of my Angels!

I'm building towards National Director and I would love bring you on board for the ride!

In addition to all the awesome training and tools the company offers, I also offer the following to my team:

- One on One phone & email support
- A team Facebook group
- A full online library of personally created workbooks
- A long list of recorded audio trainings
- Regular contests offering fun and prizes

Click on Join My Team above to learn more! ~Aubri