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PURE ROMANCE LI txt 917.270.1989 now Marie Grace

Long Island-NYC-NY-NJ Sr. Cons.

Astoria, New York


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Wish list longer than expected? No problem! When you host a party with me, you receive a free gift plus a percentage of your party's sales to use toward the product you love-all for having a night of laughs your friends will never forget. Hosting is always free and always fun, so call me to book your party today!

MARIE GRACE 917-270-1989 Experienced Senior Consultant 8+ yrs . Can't wait to help plan your Pure Romance Party today! 917-270-1989 WELCOME!! I am Marie Grace. Call 631.306.4503 or 917.270.1989 for immediate service. Contact me today- Pure Romance (formerly Passion Parties- Host a Passion Party Passion Parties Long Island or Passion Parties NY NYC/Nationwide) or Become a Consultant to join my team. I will contact you shortly! So excited for 2016! My Hostesses have called me both Entertaining and knowledgeable and as a Broadway performer I pride myself on doing a fun show! I have an amazing team Nationwide and in Canada. I personally work parties on Long Island and in the NYC Metro Area, NJ and CT. I can also connect you with a team member anywhere so contact me today! Our Team is wonderful...we make money and have fun!! I have been with Passion Parties for 8+ years and look forward to taking care of you. Awards : #3 Personal Sales - 2012 in US and Canada ~ #2 Nationally Testimonials: 'Marie is the best at what she does.... she has such a way with people that you instantly love her!!! She is very informative as well as fun. I've been to 2 of her parties and had 1 of my own. Teresa , Long Island New York Host a Passion Pure Romance Party on Long, Island or in The Queens-NYC-NJ now Become a Consultant Shop Online Now