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Between The Sheets District Powder-Based Linen Spray


Between the Sheets District (en-us)

​There's no denying that fresh is sexy. Between the Sheets is a powder-based spray that adds a majestic scent anywhere you spritz it. Between the Sheets absorbs moisture, putting an end to the dreaded wet spot!


• Absorbs moisture without staining sheets
• Available in a variety of welcoming scents
• Great for restrooms, gym bags and smelling fresh on the go
• 4 fl. oz./120 ml.


SDA Alcohol (CAS# 64-17-5), Hydrocarbon Propellant (Hydrofluorocarbon) (CAS# 68476-86-8), Talc, Fragrance (parfum).


Spray on your linens and bedding for the elegant feel of satin. Hold the can at least six inches from area being sprayed to avoid a powder residue.

Store at room temperature.

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