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Anal Douche


Get prepared for anal pleasure with the Anal Douche from the RGB collection, ergonomically designed with a removable ridged attachment. Use the nozzle alone or with the ridged attachment for an extra dimension of erotic sensation. Like with any anal product, lubricate the tip with a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure before use.


• Anal douche is made with easy-to-clean PVC and ABC plastic
• Nozzle: Insertable length: 3 in./7.5 cm; insertable girth: 1.75 in./4.5 cm
• Nozzle Attachment: Insertable length: 4.25 in./10.5 cm; insertable girth: 2.75 in./7 cm.
• Bulb Capacity: 7.5 fl. oz./224ml
• Use with a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure.
• Inspired by how the human eye sees color—naturally blending Red, Green, and Blue light (RGB) to see every color of the rainbow, this collection is designed for all genders, identities, and orientations.


To use, compress the bulb and dip the nozzle into warm water, slowly relaxing the pressure to allow it to fill. Insert the bulb’s nozzle into the ridged attachment, then apply a silicone-based lubricant to the douche for ease of insertion. Once inserted, gently squeeze the bulb to spray into the desired area. After use, detach all parts and pieces, cleansing thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Hang bulb and ridged attachment downwards to dry.

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Dr. Jill McDevitt is a sexologist, sexuality educator, and sexual awareness coach with three degrees in human sexuality (PhD, MeD, and BA).

Anal douche FAQs

Why use an anal douche? 

The anal douche cleans the anus so anal adventures can be indulged with a minimal chance of a fecal incident happening during intimate time.

How does an anal douche work?

It works by compressing the bulb and dipping the nozzle into warm water, and easing up on the bulb so that it can fill, like a big eyedropper. To use, just like with any anal product, lube up the tip and the anal opening, relax the anal sphincter, and insert. It only needs to go in an inch or so, and it may help if the user stands, resting one foot on the toilet seat for better angling and insertion.
Slowly squeeze the bulb to push the water in until the rectum feels full. It’s not a firehose, and too much water pressure can be painful, so be gentle. Remove the nozzle and hold in the water for a few minutes, then sit down on the toilet and relax, which will allow the water, plus fecal matter, to flow on out. Repeat these steps until the water runs clear. 

How early before sex should you use an anal douche?

Some folks like to have sex right away after anal douching, some like to shower then sex, and others prepare well ahead of time. 


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