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FTM Soft Packer 4"

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Designed with a realistic look and feel, the FTM Soft Packer from the RGB collection fits securely in most harnesses. The packer is 4 inches long and made with super-soft thermoplastic rubber that feels (almost!) like the real thing.


• Made with a thermoplastic rubber for a soft, realistic texture
• Fits securely in the Packer Harness Boxer Briefs
• Length: 4 in./10 cm; girth: 4.5 in./11 cm
• Inspired by how the human eye sees color—naturally blending Red, Green, and Blue light (RGB) to see every color of the rainbow, this collection is designed for all genders, identities, and orientations.


Life-like soft packer is designed to securely fit into the Pure Romance Packer Harness Boxer Briefs or most other harnesses.

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Dr. Jill McDevitt is a sexologist, sexuality educator, and sexual awareness coach with three degrees in human sexuality (PhD, MeD, and BA).

Packing FAQs

What is "packing?"

“Packing” is the act of creating a penis-like bulge in the crotch of the pants, and it’s something some transmen choose to do for a variety of reasons: to outwardly present the way that matches their identity,  to more easily pass as male in public and thus avoid potential harassment, or because they feel exposed or even naked without it.

Who practices packing?

It’s most commonly practiced by transmen, although other folks can enjoy packing as well including drag kings, gender-non conforming people, or really anyone who likes to play with or explore gender. Some people say it makes them feel powerful and sexual to have a penis, even if only for a day.

The object used to “pack,” which is not surprisingly called a packer, and new to the Pure Romance RGB line is named the 4” FTM Soft Packer.

What does FTM stand for?

FTM stands for Female-to-Male Transgender, a person also known as a transman, but it’s important to note that not all transmen choose to wear packers.

How do I use the "packer?"

To use, the wearer simply positions the packer inside their boxers, or better yet the boxer brief packer harness, and goes about their day. They may need to adjust or shift it as the day goes, but if you think about, people born with penises do that too. 

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