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Euforia P3 Luxury Ben Wa Balls


Euforia P3 Luxury Ben Wa Balls

Inspired by a centuries-old technology, our silicone and 18-karat rose gold-plated Ben Wa Balls strengthen vaginal walls while heightening your sexual arousal and climax. Start with one and, over time, advance to two. 
No está disponible en Puerto Rico.


  • Comfort and Beauty: Premium silicone exterior accented with a rose-gold ring.
  • Enhanced Orgasms: Weighted exercisers improve muscle control and strengthen vaginal walls.
  • Variable Weighting: Each Ben Wa Ball weighs 20 grams. Start your sexual fitness routine with one, and, over time, advance to using two for increased results.
  • Water Play: Every Euforia product is bath-friendly and can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
  • Warranty: All Euforia products include a one-year limited warranty.


Lie down comfortably and insert one Ben Wa Ball into your vagina. Hold the ball inside your vagina for several minutes by squeezing your PC muscles—the same muscle you use when doing a Kegel exercise. To achieve the best results, try different degrees of squeezes, including quick flutter holds and long holds.
Once you can comfortably use your Ben Wa Ball lying down, try doing the same exercises standing up. Once you’ve mastered this, do the same progression (lying down, then standing up) with two Ben Wa Balls.
After each use
Cleanse before and after each use with Euforia Cleansing Mist, then store in your Euforia box or bag.
Premium Silicone and 18K Rose Gold Plating over Tungsten Steel; Weight: 0.7 oz./20 g (each).
To protect your investment in pleasure, store this product inside your Euforia box. The box’s foam is coated with Bioshieldâ 75, an EPA-approved surface protectant that helps prevent the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria.
Cleaning and Storage:
Wash before and after each use. To clean, rinse under warm water and spray with Euforia Cleansing Mist. Re-rinse under warm water and lightly polish dry with a lint-free cloth.
The original packaging for each Euforia product is designed for discreet storage. Each Euforia box includes a drawstring pouch that can also be used for storage. The foam inside each box is coated with Bioshieldâ 75, an EPA-approved surface protectant that helps prevent the growth of harmful yeasts and bacteria. Your user manual and drawstring pouch can be stored underneath the foam in each box. To prevent wear to the product’s 18-karat rose gold plating, always store in the provided box or pouch. Note: Always ensure your product is completely dry before storing. 
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