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Truly Sexy Flirt Rollerball


Truly Sexy Flirt Rollerball

What could be better than our best-selling Truly Sexy Flirt fragrance? A bottle small enough to travel with you, of course! Stash this beauty in your purse or makeup bag to make sure you’re never without the irresistible fragrance that blends a bouquet of white roses and sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon and grapefruit, and clean amber and cedarwood.


Enjoy your favorite perfume anytime, anywhere. Eau de parfum formula is vibrant and long-lasting. A bouquet of sheer jasmine, sparkling lemon, and clean amber. .33 fl. oz./10 ml.


SD Alcohol 40-B, Water (eau), Fragrance (parfum), Pregnadienol, Androstadienone, Estratetraenol.


Roll on wrists, neck, and anywhere you want to make a statement.

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