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New Arrivals

From luxurious bath and beauty items to top-of-the-line sex toys, you’ll feel fabulous from start to finish. See our new arrivals, and get what’s hot.

Burning Desire

Soy Massage Oil Candle


Love Notes Truly Sexy

Sensual Scented Candle


Late Night Show

10-Speed Vaginal Vibrator



Skin Repair Cream


Great Head

Oral Delight Gel



Massage Oil


Body Boost

Firming Cream



Creamy Lubricant



10-Speed G-Spot Vibrator


Love Notes Déjà Vu

Sensual Scented Candle


Pure Naked Massage Oil

All-natural massage oil


In Good Hands

Textured Massage Glove


Love Notes Black Velvet

Sensual Scented Candle


GPS 2.0

7-Speed G-Spot Vibrator



Warming Lubricant


Pure Naked Bubble Bath

All-Natural Calming Bubble Bath


Pure Naked Body Wash

All-Natural Purifying Body Wash


Just Like Me

Gel Lubricant


Party Animal

Triple-Action Vibrator


Happy Hour

Variable Size C-Rings


Pure Naked Lubricant

All-natural water-based lubricant


Pure Naked Body Lotion

All-Natural Moisturizing Body Lotion


Pure Naked Shave Cream

All-Natural Conditioning Shave Cream



Couples' Enhancement Cream


Taxi Cab Confession

Flexible Anal Sex Toy



10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator


Pure Naked Hydrating Body Spritz

All-Natural Hydrating Body Spritz


Secret Service

Vibrating Male Sleeve


Excape Truly Sexy

Relaxing Bubble Bath


Splash Truly Sexy

Energizing Body Wash


Body Silk Truly Sexy

Soothing skin moisturizer


Between the Sheets Radiant Orchid

Powder-Based Linen Spray


Talc Legend

Scented Men's Talcum Powder


Wash Legend

Scented Men’s Shower Gel


Shave Legend

Scented men’s shaving cream


Spray Legend

Scented men’s deodorizing spray