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Spicy Dice Fun Game for Lovers

Spicy Dice

Fun Game for Lovers


The sexy Spicy Dice game can help heat things up in the bedroom, kitchen, car — wherever the dice may roll! One die dictates the action, one the body part, and the other the location where the naughty favor takes place.


Why You’ll Love It
• Three dice give you all the instructions you need.
• You'll never have the same night twice.
• Portable and perfect for travel
Roll the dice to see a sexy activity and location for you and your partner to try.

katy rose   -   1/16/2014 10:45:39 PM
I can't wait to use these to add some spontaneity to me & my hubby's lives. The variety of words/actions have me excited to order these! :)

Danielle Picard   -   1/16/2014 9:59:28 PM
there are so many fun ways to use these to spice up your "fun time!" Even fun when you have people over and leave hidden in a place for your love to find a "message" from you. (you whisper to him/her to look in the drawer etc that you know your guests won't be going into of course. ;)

Amber Boomhower   -   1/16/2014 8:38:33 PM
My fiance and I were thinking of being more spontaneous and couldn't think of how. What we could expand to and be comfortable. Things like that. Well, I saw these and I think they're going to help us to be a little more adventurous. I've checked a few other places, and there were only 2 dice (no room dice) for the same price. Def a good deal