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Tongue of Fun  Two-Speed Clitoral Vibrator

Tongue of Fun

Two-Speed Clitoral Vibrator


A clitoral vibrator with two intense speeds, Tongue of Fun talks a mile a minute, but you won’t mind listening over and over again. 


  • Phthalate free
  • Speedy tongue for electrifying clitoral pleasure
  • Soft, flexible silicone
  • Waterproof
To insert batteries, unscrew the cap at the bottom of the toy and put batteries inside, one with positive side up, two with positive side down.
To turn the toy on and off and scroll through speeds, press the top button on the shaft of the toy.
Requires three AA batteries. Not included, but well worth a trip to the store.
Store in a dry, cool place. 

Luanne Adams   -   4/12/2016 10:52:16 AM
My most favorite toy EVER!

LOVE this!
But not for the beginner with a super sensitive clittoris.

Definitely gives me the insta-O when I use.
Great for foreplay and on the nipples too.

Try on him at the base of his shaft! Not just for the ladies!

Couples fun!!! ;-)

Sarah U.   -   3/13/2016 3:06:57 PM
Had my hopes up for this, and am very disappointed! I expressed my needs and expectations with the sale lady, this was her recommendation. After trying it, it becomes very heavy after a short time, tip isn't 'user friendly'. It's very awkward, and not precise in any way. I feel I wasted my money got my hopes up for nothing.

Ashley Gonzalez   -   2/21/2016 7:38:13 PM
This was dull, I ended up throwing it against the wall. The 2 speeds were weak and and the tongue was awkward, even with lube it rubbed me raw.

Disappointed   -   9/27/2015 11:01:08 PM
I too was disappointed with this item, the batteries were hard to insert and get out. Not worth the money,

Anonymously Private   -   6/11/2015 1:43:11 AM
Wow! Just wow! I am one of those women that have a really hard time climaxing. I love my "rabbit" but it's hard to use during intercourse. This tool is easy to hold, doesn't get in the way, and is really powerful. It got the job done, and fast!

Anonymous   -   2/8/2015 7:48:54 PM
I was really excited to get this vibrator but, sadly, it was a dud. I have tried 3 times to climax with it and it just isn't powerful enough. I got frustrated and finished with a different toy. The vibrations are stong until the slightest bit of pressure is applied to the "tongue". Then the vibrations seem to dull right down.

On the other hand, it is very quiet and the idea seems like a good one. It just needs to be more powerful.

Anonymous   -   2/1/2015 7:33:14 AM
When reading the other reviews, I was sure id love this vibrator. While others say how powerful the speeds are, I didn't find them that powerful at all...they were actually pretty...ineffective. This is only my 2nd vibrator. I've had my other one, which is just a cheap $12 vibrator from an online store that I got a year ago. I attempted using this one & after 15 minutes of trying to find the perfect position to make things happen, I have up & went back to my trusty vibrator.
I gave it 3 stars because I do like the idea of it, it's well made & I like the material.

tiphani parker   -   1/15/2015 12:54:03 AM
This is the best toy I've bought so far. Your reach the big o in no time flat. Its worth the money!!

Dea   -   1/12/2015 11:52:22 PM
I was looking forward to this vibrator. Most tongue vibrators are dull and boring. This vibrator is anything but dull/boring however, the vibrations are way to strong. I do not like this toy. Worst vibrator we have ever purchased.

Mary   -   1/10/2015 11:44:57 PM
Recommend!! Quickest "O" I've had!

One Satisfied Wifey   -   12/17/2014 7:31:53 PM
The pure romance consultant I saw recommended a towel for under you when you use this toy. At first I thought to myself "Yeah, right." But I tried this baby out and let's just say she wasn't exaggerating about the towel! OMG! Easily this is THE BEST toy I've ever tried, and believe me I've tried my fair share. Best 40 bucks you could spend 💕

Katie Gross   -   8/27/2014 5:49:58 PM
Holy Wow!! This thing is awesome! Recommend for sure!

SS   -   7/21/2014 8:31:00 PM
Quickest orgasm I've ever had! I highly recommend this toy!!

Shanda   -   4/28/2014 11:27:24 AM
This is not a very well made toy. Its too hard when its applied to the very sensitive clitoris during arousal. The speed should be low, medium and high instead of medium and high.Lube does not work at all with this toy because it makes the clitoris feel like is being beaten by a whip when it starts to flicker. This toy should have been made with the tongue moving around in a circle to give it much more pleasure for the woman. I used this 3 times and I can say I did have an orgasm in 3 seconds by just holding this toy firmly on top of my clitoris. That's the only plus for this but I can get that sensation from a regular vibrator. I wouldn't recommend this toy. not a good one.

Rachel   -   4/23/2014 10:49:17 PM
This is quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented! Need I say more. JUST BUY IT and some lube or whipped!!!

Raneisha Thomas   -   4/1/2014 12:31:21 AM
Well well this is a GREAT choice. I promise you will not be disappointed. ;-)

Heather   -   3/7/2014 7:13:46 PM
WOW. Amazing. You can do without the enhancement gel with this. Oh my! :)