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Jelly Tool Belt

Most-Popular Couples' Toy


Jelly Tool Belt is a seven-speed c-ring with a detachable bullet that levels the intimate playing field with seven spellbinding speeds. Talk about hardware.

• Seven toe-curling speeds
• Comfortable, snug fit
• Waterproof
• Removable bullet for those nights you are flying solo
• Thermoplastic rubber material is durable and somewhat flexible.
Unscrew cap on the bottom of the toy and remove the battery pack insert. Insert three AAA batteries, two with the positive side up and with the positive side down. Slide the battery pack back into the toy, and screw the cap back into place. Slide the c-ring over the bullet vibrator.
To use the c-ring, lubricate the penis and testicles. Place the smaller, inner ring over the penis. Slide it to the base of the penis with the nubbies facing away from the male partner. Once at the base, pull the larger, outer ring underneath the testicles (if the male partner prefers this type of sensation). To turn on, push the "On/Off" button on the front of the toy. To cycle through all seven speeds, push the button to the right. To turn off, pushing the "On/Off" button again.

Requires three AAA batteries. Not included, but well worth a trip to the store.
Use a creamy lubricant, such as Whipped.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Ashley L   -   3/16/2014 5:45:07 PM
This is AWESOME! Though I think I may have enjoyed it a tad more than he did! ;)

Ashley L   -   3/15/2014 6:23:19 PM
I haven't yet had the chance to use this with my bf, but the bullet sure packs a punch for only being powered by 3 AAA batteries! Excited to try this one! ;)

Jennifer K.   -   3/7/2014 5:11:13 PM
As everyone else is stating below the battery compartment sucks! I used mine twice before it broke. The c-ring is good not the bullet. Please put this with a different bullet.

KB   -   3/2/2014 5:52:26 PM
Awesome toy when it works - battery compartment better than last version - but stopped working as the screw on top no longer will thread. Battery pack needs improvement. This one lasted about 3 months.

matt   -   1/28/2014 6:20:14 PM
Battery compartment is very fragile and stopped holding batteries after about a month.