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Wireless Double Trouble Ring Wireless Dual-Bullet C-Ring

Wireless Double Trouble Ring

Wireless Dual-Bullet C-Ring


Plugging in is so overrated. Wireless Double Trouble Ring includes two three-speed bullets and two teasers for your hot spots. All this versatility and no wires! Freedom never felt to good.


• Three thrilling speeds in each bullet
• Soft, flexible material slides on and off easily
• Batteries included
• Waterproof
• Thermoplastic elastomer material is durable and somewhat flexible
Before use, remove the orange insert in each bullet to make them functional. To insert the batteries, twist open the battery pack, and insert all three batteries fat side up, one on top of the other. The batteries will go in the same direction for each bullet. Thoroughly lubricate the penis. Slide the c-ring to the base of the penis with the rabbit ears facing away from the male partner. Position one of the rabbit ears toward the clitoris, and the other underneath the penis. To turn on and off, press the button on the end of the bullet.

Use a creamy lubricant, such as Whipped.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Kayla Brown   -   5/4/2015 10:11:02 PM
My bf and I were going to try it out for the first time the other night but I couldn't get the bullets to work. They wouldn't turn on and they started to get hot so I took the batteries and a couple of them exploded. Not very safe.

Brandi Johnson   -   1/17/2014 4:15:13 PM
This is a great toy to have! Not only does this give HIM pleasure, it also gives HER pleasure! Sometimes I have a hard time "getting there" and this does it every time! :D