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Between the Sheets Caribbean Mist Powder-Based Linen Spray

Between the Sheets Caribbean Mist

Powder-Based Linen Spray


There's no denying that fresh is sexy. Between the Sheets is a powder-based spray that adds a majestic scent anywhere you spritz it. Between the Sheets absorbs moisture, putting an end to the dreaded wet spot!


• Absorbs moisture without staining sheets
• Available in a variety of welcoming scents
• Great for restrooms, gym bags and smelling fresh on the go
• 4 fl. oz./120 ml.
Spray on your linens and bedding for the elegant feel of satin. Hold the can at least six inches from area being sprayed to avoid a powder residue.

Store at room temperature.
All Scents: SDA Alcohol (CAS#64-17-5), Hydrocarbon Propellant (CAS# 68476-86-8), Talc, Fragrance (Parfum)

Emma Kern   -   2/25/2016 2:39:05 PM
0/10. This product is supposed to freshen the scent of your bed but the fragrance is very weak and hard to smell at all. It also is supposed to help dry up damp spots which it did not do AT ALL. And when I sprayed it on my sheets from the distance that the instructions say, it left white patches on my bed which were still visible even after I wiped and brushed at it.

Dawn Ayres   -   2/13/2016 6:14:52 PM
This is what I want to order

Candace   -   8/16/2015 12:11:56 AM
Im a huge ocean/beach person! Anything that reminds me or takes me back to when I lived on the island, I want. The Caribbean Mist leaves my sheets silky soft and smelling great! I use it for the car, bedding, furniture, and for a quick air freshener for around the house. Definitely a must have for everyday use.

Tina S   -   7/19/2014 1:03:18 PM
It was hard to decide which scents to get based on the names and since there are no fragrance "notes" to help me decide I chose based on the name.
To me this has a smell of cilantro. It may be fresh for some but I actually do not care for cilantro so I didn't like this spray.
I've been using Between the Sheets for years and years but only as a sheet spray refresher.