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VIP Rewards FAQ

VIP Rewards FAQ Section - About

About the Program

What is the VIP Rewards program?

VIP Rewards is a way for you to score perks while sharing products you love with your friends. When you share your referral link and/or code with friends and they purchase an Uncovered Skin Care set, they’ll not only get $25 off the retail price of their order, but you’ll get $25 in shopping credits in your account to use on anything you want. See - it really does pay to share!

What products qualify for VIP Rewards?

Purchase of the Uncovered Skin Care Daily Essentials Kit in either Firm & Smooth or Soothe & Protect will automatically enroll you in the program and deliver you a referral link. The $25 discount your friends will get from using the link will only apply to the Uncovered Skin Care Daily Essentials Set in either Firm & Smooth or Soothe & Protect.

In what countries is this program available?

VIP Rewards is open to customers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If I ordered from a Pure Romance Partner’s website, will she receive any commission for any orders placed under my referral link?

Yes! We want to make sure that if a Pure Romance Partner introduced you to Uncovered Skin Care, she gets commission from not only your purchase, but from anyone with whom you share it. That’s why it’s so important for both your perks and your Partner’s commission that you share the referral link!

Can my friends or I change Partners?

Yes – if you or they desire, you may change the Partner with whom you’re shopping in order for that Partner to receive commission from the order. Keep in mind, if your initial purchase of Uncovered Skin Care was with a Pure Romance Partner, your referral link/code will be tied to that Partner so long as they’re active; so anytime you share that link/code, the commission will be tied to that Partner unless otherwise directed.

VIP Rewards FAQ Section - Link/Code Info

My Referral Link/Code

What does the referral link do?

We provide you with a link to share with friends to simplify their shopping experience. Clicking the link takes them to the pureromance.com website, adds the Firm & Smooth Daily Skin Essentials Kit to their cart, and automatically applies the referral code to their order. All they have to do is purchase!

You’ll also receive a unique code, should you choose to share it for friends to enter manually at checkout

What if my friend wants the other Daily Skin Essentials Kit?

If your friend clicks your referral link and would rather have a different Daily Skin Essentials Kit than the one that was automatically added to their cart, they can simply remove that kit, add another, and the discount will automatically be applied.

Where can I access my unique referral link and code?

When you log in to PureRomance.com and go to your account, you’ll see a VIP Rewards area where you can access your unique referral link and code.

Will I get a new referral link every time I purchase my Uncovered Skin Care set?

No - your unique referral link is tied to the email address with which you set up your account - so as long as you continue to use that account, your code will remain the same. You will, however, be reminded of the link and be prompted to share it each time you make a purchase of an Uncovered Skin Care set!

Can I see who has shopped with my referral link?

Yes! In the VIP Rewards section of My Account, you will be able to see who has purchased their Uncovered Skin Care set using your referral link.

Can referral links/codes be stacked with additional promo codes?

Yes – your friends can use either the referral link or code for $25 off their Uncovered Skin Care kit as well as apply any other valid promotional code on pureromance.com. Please note, only ONE additional promotional code can be stacked with credit redemption.

Can my referral link or code be removed for any reason?

It’s unlikely, but in rare instances, the referral code, link, and any earned credits or free sets can be rescinded at the discretion of the Pure Romance Corporate Office.

VIP Rewards FAQ Section - My Credits

My Credits

What can I use my credits on?

Credits earned can be applied towards future purchases made on pureromance.com or a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. PureRomance.com includes not only Uncovered Skin Care but a full range of products including bath and body, wellness, and intimacy. Credits not applicable to sales tax or shipping and handling.

Where can I see how many credits I’ve earned?

Credit amounts, expiration dates, and the unique credit redemption code, will all be available for you to see under My Discount Wallet in the account management section of pureromance.com.

How can I apply my shopping credits to an order?

Credits will appear in My Discount Wallet under your customer’s account with a unique code attached. Customers will copy this code and paste it in the PROMO CODE box on the checkout page, select APPLY, and see the new total with the credits discounted. Any additional promotional code for an online offer can be applied at this time too.

Can I use my credits when shopping with a Pure Romance Partner?

Yes, you can use your credits on a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. Credits cannot be used when purchasing directly from a Partner’s inventory, though.

Are there any exclusions for my credits?

Credits cannot be applied to shipping & handling, tax, or on the purchase of Partner Packs, applied to past purchases, or used when purchasing in-person directly from a Pure Romance Partner.

When do my credits expire?

Credits expire one year after the date you receive them.

Is there a limit on how many credits I can earn?

Nope! Feel free to continue referring and collecting credits to apply to a big purchase or your own personal shopping spree. You deserve it!

If I don’t use my credits all at one time, will they roll over for the next purchase or will they be lost?

If you have remaining credits after your purchase, you can use them for future purchases.

What happens if I buy an item on credit and then return it?

Once we receive and process your returned item(s), credits will be added back to your account as applicable. If you used credits and another payment method at the same time, credits will be added back to your account in the amount you used, and any additional amount will be refunded to your original payment method.

Can I give my credits to someone else?

No. Credits earned are attached to your customer account and cannot be transferred to other accounts.

What if I’m enrolled in Subscribe for Deals - will my credits automatically apply to my next auto-shipment?

Within your customer account management, there will be a check box in the Subscribe for Deals section that allows you to indicate that you would like to apply all available credits to your subscription when it processes.

Can I use my credits with other online promotions?

Yes! Because your shopping credits are considered a payment method for you to redeem at checkout, you can use your credits AND take advantage of any of the other great online sales and specials.

What happens when 3 friends purchase a Daily Skin Essentials Kit and enroll in a subscription?

You receive $75 in credits and a special Daily Skin Essentials Kit coupon which may be used towards the purchase of a Daily Skin Essentials Kit of your choice (sales tax and shipping and handling not included).

How do I get my free Daily Skin Essentials Kit?

Your customer account will show a special coupon. To redeem, simply add a Daily Skin Essentials Kit of your choosing and enter your coupon’s code to apply it to the purchase. Sales tax and shipping and handling not included.

What happens if I get my free Daily Skin Essentials Kit and then return it?

If, for some reason, there is an issue with your free Daily Skin Essentials Kit and/or you need to return it, you may send it back. Contact customer service to start the return process. Once we receive and process your returned kit, credits will be added back to your account as applicable. See more details about the Confidence Guarantee here.

VIP Rewards FAQ Section - My Account

My Account

Should I create an account?

Anyone looking to save and or earn credits should create a customer account. Accounts can be made on pureromance.com or on a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. Looking for a Partner? Click here. Account benefits include easy access to your referral link/code, seeing who has purchased from your link, tracking your credits, and much more!

How can my friend make an account?

If your friend clicks your referral link, they will have an option to create an account during checkout.

What if my friend or I already have an account?

You can log in with your existing Pure Romance customer account and purchase a Daily Skin Essentials Kit to get your referral experience started.