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VIP Rewards

When you love a product, you can’t wait to tell your friends about it. Now, it really pays to share, with VIP Rewards from Pure Romance! 

Know someone in need of a better skin care experience? Share the love and deals by referring them. You and a friend can upgrade your skin care routine and get rewards with Uncovered. Each referral means a $25 credit for you and $25 off an Uncovered Skin Care set for them. Plus, you can earn even more if your friends are ready to transform their skin every day, too.


As the referrer, you earn credit towards any future purchase when a friend takes advantage of your referral code’s discount and orders an Uncovered Daily Skin Essentials Kit. Even better? You’ll have a whole year to use your credits before they expire.

Know a lot of people? Referring more friends means more chances for rewards. If 3 friends purchase an Uncovered Daily Skin Essentials Kit and enroll in Subscribe for Deals:


Friend 1 Gets:

$25 off a Daily Essentials Kit

Friend 2 Gets:

$25 off a Daily Essentials Kit

Friend 3 Gets:

$25 off a Daily Essentials Kit

You Get:

A Free Daily Skin Essentials Kit + $75 in credits



How does it work?

1. Create Your Account

Make a customer account on pureromance.com or on a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. Looking for a Partner? Click here.

Pro-Tip: If you’ve already shopped with Pure Romance before, you can log in with your existing account.


2. You Shop Uncovered

Add your choice of Uncovered Daily Skin Essentials Kits to your cart, purchase, and check your email. You’ll get a confirmation email and a VIP Rewards program email that contains an exclusive referral code and a link that makes your friend’s shopping experience quick and easy.

Drop your referral link in your friend group chat and make sure to remind everyone to create a customer account during checkout so they can get their own code, too! 

Pro-Tip: Shop anywhere you like! Our premium skin care line can be found here on uncoveredskincare.com, pureromance.com, or on a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. Referral codes and links come with any purchase that includes at least one Uncovered Daily Skin Essentials Kit, regardless of where you shop.


3. They Shop Uncovered

When a friend clicks your link, they get an Uncovered Skin Care Daily Skin Essentials Kit added to their cart with a referral-exclusive discount of $25 off a Daily Skin Essentials Kit of their choice.

Pro-Tip: No sweat if your friends are choosy. Your discount works for both Daily Skin Essentials Kits, so they can swap out the auto-added kit for the other and still utilize the discount to save and earn at the same time.


4. Enjoy!

After a friend completes their purchase, you’ll see credits appear on your account within 24 hours. Shop with us again and apply your credit to anything you like! Credits can even be used for an Uncovered subscription order. (Learn more about our Subscribe for Deals subscription program here.)   

For more info, read our VIP Rewards Program FAQ.

If you’ve been referred by a friend, reach out to them for their link or code to complete your order. Or, if you have their code already, shop Uncovered kits here


Only one referral code and one referral link created per account. Referees must place an order which includes at least one Uncovered Skin Care Daily Skin Essentials Kit in order to receive a $25 credit. Referral code discount only applies to one Daily Skin Essentials Kit. Credits stored and/or attached to customer accounts created on pureromance.com or a Pure Romance Partner’s personal website. On behalf of Uncovered Skin Care, Pure Romance LLC reserves the right to update or change Uncovered Skin Care VIP Rewards Program rules and criteria at any time.