Income Disclosure Content (2022)

How can I participate as a Pure Romance Partner?

Pure Romance provides the opportunity for our product enthusiasts to become Partners with our brand in the following ways:

  • Purchase product at a Buying Discount to use for personal consumption.
  • Purchase product at a Buying Discount and sell to customers via in-home or online parties for profit.
  • Promote product and sell online directly through their Partner website for commission.
  • Optionally, Pure Romance Partners can sponsor who want to consume or sell Pure Romance products.

Some people choose to become a Partner with Pure Romance simply to receive a discount on products that they already love themselves, but in addition to this Partner relationship, Pure Romance provides additional ways to enjoy our products at a discount without becoming a Partner, including participation in our VIP Rewards program as well as the Subscribe for Deals option available on select products.

How do I become a Pure Romance Partner?

To become a Pure Romance Partner and maximize a discount and/or build a business rather than participate in the VIP Rewards program, you may do so by purchasing a Partner Pack, which starts as low as $39 (prices vary).

  • Once a Partner Pack is purchased, you will immediately enjoy a 30% discount on products with no additional purchase necessary.
  • You may continue your journey and enjoy higher discounts starting at 40%, with $100 retail purchase. This can be products purchased for personal use or orders received from customers, or a combination of both.
  • Most Pure Romance Partners run their business on a part-time basis to earn extra income on their own schedule.
  • As is true with any business, there are no guarantees that you will earn money through your Pure Romance business. While many of our Pure Romance Partners achieve their financial goals they set out for, some Partners will not.
  • Building a successful Pure Romance business requires hard work, skill, and time.

How do I make money?

Purchasing a Partner Pack automatically allows you to enjoy a 30% discount on products, and once $100 in retail is achieved, this Buying Discount increases to 40%.

  • To continue enjoying this 40% discount, a participant can maintain their active Partner status by placing a minimum of one (1) retail order themselves or receiving one (1) retail order on their Partner website every two (2) calendar months.
  • You can maintain this minimum order requirement and the discount for as long as you wish.
  • Should you choose to share the opportunity of becoming a Pure Romance Partner with others, you can build a team and achieve a maximum Buying Discount of 50%.
  • In the following example, you can see how the Partner starting discount of 30% can earn a potential profit by selling a bottle of our best-selling Conditioning Shave Cream.
  • If a Partner sold 10 bottles of Conditioning Shave Cream as shown while passing cost of shipping and tax on to the customer, they could earn a potential profit of $72.00 before expenses.
  • Partners can also earn money off the commissionable sales of Partners who you sponsor.
  • Partners cannot earn money only through sponsoring other Partners.
(not including shipping or tax)
  Suggested Retail Price:   $24.00
  Partner Price:
  Potential Profit:   $7.20


How much can I earn in a typical month?

In 2021, about 84,000 U.S. Partners ordered products for resale from Pure Romance with about 63,000 of them earning money from their sales or from sales of other Partners whom they have sponsored. In a typical month, about 23,000 earned money, including those who make supplementary income. The table below reflects what they earned in a typical month, before expenses.

First year Partners (about 10,000) All other Partners (about 13,000)
50% (about 5,000)
earned more than $313 in a month
50% (about 6,500)
earned more than $947 in a month
Top 10% (about 1,000)
earned more than $770 in a month
Top 10% (about 3,000)
earned more than $2,802 in a month
Top 1% (about 100)
earned more than $1,478 in a month
Top 1% (about 130)
earned more than $12,393 in a month
*earnings shown reflect US partners participating in the 2021 Compensation Plan


What kind of commitment is there??

  • Individuals can terminate their Partner status at any time at no cost.
  • Partners in their first 30 days can cancel and receive a full refund. Partners outside their first 30 days who terminate their partner status can return any eligible unopened products purchased within the last 6 months. Contact us at 1-866-766-2623 for more information.