2020 U.S. Consultant
Estimated Earnings Information

Pure Romance Consultants earn income through product sales, overrides, bonuses and free product. Consultants also receive compensation in the form of free and subsidized vacations. The table below reflects estimated average earnings for Consultants during calendar 2020:
Consultant Level Percentage of Consultants Average Overrides Earnings Average Total Earnings
Sr. Executive Director 0.1% $163,667 $219,949
Executive Director <0.1% $144,601 $192,245
Sr. National Director 0.1% $83,949 $127,442
National Director 0.1% $62,700 $99,586
Sr. Director 0.3% $28,119 $59,802
Advanced Director 0.5% $14,277 $37,297
Director 0.9% $6,643 $21,291
Assoc. Director 0.5% $2,976 $10,642
Sr. Consultant 2.3% $1,233 $5,850
Advanced Consultant 7.0% $281 $1,825
Consultant 54.2% $12 $351
Inactive 33.9% $5 $62
 Median Consultant Earnings $111

·    Pure Romance Consultants are independent contractors who have discretion to discount Pure Romance products. Consultants have the option of maintaining inventory to support their business and to purchase products for their personal use. Management’s best estimate is that Consultant discounting, maintenance of inventory, and personal use reduces Consultant income by approximately 15% on average. The figures in the chart incorporate this adjustment.

·    The Average Total Earnings data is net of kit purchases by Consultants. Kits include products and marketing materials Consultants may use to run their businesses. 

·    To be eligible for override earnings, Consultants must be active themselves and have at least one active team member in their downline during the relevant period.

·    Overrides and bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis to any Consultant who has an active status, has at least one active team member in their downline in a given month, and meets the requirements to receive such payout. Consultants who have one or more active team members hold the level of “Advanced Consultant” or above.

·    In the chart above, Consultants are identified at the level they held on December 31, 2020, and Consultants may have held a higher or lower level earlier in the year and earned overrides at that higher level. The overrides and bonuses shown in the “Inactive” row belong to those who were active status earlier in the year, but were inactive on December 31, 2020.

·    The figures in the chart include all Consultants who (i) were active at any point during 2020 (defined as generating at least $100 every two calendar months by either purchasing this amount of inventory to sell at in-home parties, having customers place $100 in product from their personal website, or a combination of both totaling at least $100); and (ii) purchased a kit that included product for resale, purchased product that could be resold, or made sales through their personal websites. If a Consultant purchases a kit that includes both demo products and sellable inventory, they are considered active immediately upon the date of their kit purchase. If a Consultant purchases a kit that does not include sellable inventory, then they must fulfill the $100 sales requirement within 60 days of their kit purchase to have active status. This “never activated” group of Consultants accounts for approximately 5% of the population who either purchased their kit in 2020 or entered the year with a pre-existing active status from the prior year, and these individuals are not included in the chart.