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From Doubt to Dough: Meet This Top Entrepreneur


From Doubt to Dough: Meet This Top Entrepreneur

Nikki Hughes came up with a million reasons why a Pure Romance business wasn’t a good idea. Little did she know, it would come to be a perfect fit.

Ask anyone at the Pure Romance corporate headquarters: one of our favorite things to do is ask Consultants how they got their start. Each story is unique, funny, emotional, heartwarming; and yet, there’s a common thread that runs through each story: “I was scared.” “I didn’t know much about the products.” “I was raised in a religious household and didn’t talk about this.” “I didn’t know what to tell my family/friends/fellow church-goers/teachers at my kids’ school/fellow dog-moms.” “I initially said it wasn’t for me.”

Sound familiar? They’re the same reasons most people shy away from opportunities - and they’re certainly big reasons why one of the top Pure Romance Consultants, Nikki Hughes, immediately said “no way” when asked if she ever thought about owning her own Pure Romance business. But she can tell you her story for herself - just like she told Pure Romance President and CEO Chris Cicchinelli, when he asked her how she took the leap into an entrepreneur’s world.


Nikki’s start is like that of so many other women’s: knowing little about the products save for some bath items, apprehensive about how she’d explain her new venture to family and friends, and questioning if this business really COULD provide her and her family with the financial stability they needed. And like the tens of thousands of other women who’ve purchased a Pure Romance kit, Nikki has been wowed by the opportunities owning her own business has presented.

Since giving a firm “no, never” to the “okay, let’s talk” that launched her business in 2008, Nikki has managed to make enough money for that $464 a month car payment...and then some. She has soared to the Title of Senior Executive Director, the highest Consultant Title in the company; she earned a spot on the Executive Board of Directors (the most prestigious organization within the company); and in 2017, her team, the Bliss Beauties, had over $2.5 million in sales. 


Today, Nikki’s apprehension is long forgotten - and, she knows there’s way more to the Pure Romance product line than just shaving cream (test driving optional!).

Ready to be in the driver’s seat? Pure Romance has opportunities for you, no matter what your goals are. Learn more about us here.