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Happy Romance Month Lovers!

Sex & Relationships

Happy Romance Month Lovers!

February may have a day dedicated to romance, but August has a whole month—it’s Romance Month! We’ve provided a tip-a-day for the whole month that you can use to add a little more romance to your life!

  1. Start every day with a hug and kiss. (End every day with a hug, kiss and whatever might follow! *wink, wink*)
  2. Spice up your sex life by trying something you’ve never done before! Looking for ideas? Try out our Intimacy Starter Bundle!
  3. Write them a love note instead of a text!
  4. Cuddle more. Trust us.
  5. Plan a romantic getaway with your S.O. Don’t forget to pack your Summer Lovin’ Essentials!
  6. Ditch the kids! Even if you’re staying in, call the baby-sitter and get some well-deserved alone time with each other. 
  7.  Send a midday sext! 
  8.  Make an ordinary day into a special occasion and slink into something a little more comfortable... might we recommend Sexy Back?
  9.  Bring back long-lost romantic gestures like playing footsie under the table or holding the car door open!
  10. Hide a couple Date Night Cards in your partners purse or briefcase detailing what sexual favors they should expect when they come home from work.
  11. Sign up for a couple’s class that you both might enjoy like a cooking class or ballroom dancing!
  12. Set the mood with some candles and give your partner a steamy massage.
  13. Play hooky! Call in sick and enjoy the day off together! That means lots of bedrest—doctor’s orders!
  14. Pack a picnic in the park! For dessert? Tell them Whipped Vanilla Cupcake is waiting for them at home. 
  15. Get steamy with spontaneous shower sex! Turn up the heat with a water-friendly toy like Maya C-Ring Vibrator.
  16. Clear your Sunday schedule and spend the day in bed with takeout and a movie marathon!
  17. Send them flowers! An oldy but a goody!
  18. Go on a date night to the movie theatre and hand them the remote to Box Office for the real feature presentation.
  19. Have a Sexy Staycation—like vacation but without the hassle! Plan the perfect Sexy Staycation with our go-to guide!
  20. Go back to where you had your first date!
  21. The modern-day equivalent to making your partner a mixtape? Make them a Spotify playlist! Need some inspiration? Try our Be Mine playlist on Spotify!
  22. Order them delivery for lunch when you know they’re having a busy day at work.
  23. Binge watch a TV show together! You know the rules: no watching ahead without each other!
  24. Surprise your honey with breakfast in bed! Make it extra sweet with a side of Just Like Me Sugar Glazed Donut!
  25. Ready to roleplay? Pretend your strangers meeting for the first time at a bar!
  26. Say “I love you” more. It may be the last day of Romance Month, but this tip is one to keep for every day of the year!
Single, or maybe just need a little self-love? Take these last five days of Romance Month to celebrate YOU!
  1. Take loving yourself literally and masturbate! Put pleasure in your own hands with these clitoral vibrators.
  2. Do one thing you’ve never done before but always wanted to do! Start that blog or take that pottery class!
  3. Treat-yo-self! Get that bag you’ve had your eye on, buy those shoes or stock up on your favorite Pure Romances products!
  4. Take at least ten minutes out of your day to relax, try mediation or essential oils!
  5. Write down 5 things you love about yourself!