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All the sweet, none of the sting. Scorpio, we see greatness on your horizon.

This year’s already taken you out of your comfort zone! You’ve faced unexpected challenges and taken them on with grace and courage. Before transitioning to chillax mode, share your hard-earned wisdom with the people in your inner circle.

Take the stage! Mercury is in your sign from October through December, so get ready to put yourself out there. You’ve done the research and you’ve got the expertise—now show the world what you’re made of!

Find your center! Been feeling more vulnerable lately? It could be because the North Node is in Cancer this year—that’s going to make everyone (including you) open up a bit more. For some signs this is easy, but it can be draining for Scorpio. Try meditation or aromatherapy!

Trust yourself! Scorpios have an incredible intuition, so don’t overthink your decisions. You’ve got to trust your gut. Do what feels right and don’t look back!

Ready for some hot picks to add some Scorpio love to your space? Check it out:
Sometimes life gets in the way of your inner peace. Get back on track with this balancing essential oil blend that helps you calm and center yourself.
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Date Night
Everybody knows Scorpios have an impressive poker face. Pull out a few sexy suggestions and spice up your bedroom game!