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Legendary Leos


Legendary Leos

No lion—Leos have great things on the horizon!

Go more. Know more. Grow more.

2019 is all about new beginnings for Leo.

Turn a new corner! July starts just after a total lunar eclipse—meaning it’s time for reflection and renewal. Take a deep breath and really embrace your inner lion!

Be brave! With the heart of a lion, you’re all about bold moves. Leave your fears behind and just go for it! The stars are in your favor.

Party on! The sun, Mars, and Venus all enter Leo during July, so get ready to shake your mane. It’s the perfect time to host a party and turn up the music!

Since you’re a fire sign, we’ve rounded up the best products to turn up the heat:

Heart Massager 
Awaken that Leo fire! Make them melt with this heart-shaped heat pack that takes any sensual massage next level.

Great Head Passion Fruit 
Leos are known for their passion, so savor the favor! This oral gel coats your throat to help keep you comfortable during oral favors.

Love Story 
Show off Leo’s sensitive side with this seductive bath and body fragrance that blends sensual amber with warm vanilla.