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Father's Day Gift guide


Father's Day Gift guide

No two dads are the same. So, this year we took the hard work out of shopping for Father’s Day and rounded up some of the most perfect Pure Romance products for the special guy in your life!

From the exercise enthusiast to the dapper dad, it’s hard to find the perfect gift to thank that wonderful man in your life, but something tells us that these gifts will make him smile bigger than after cracking his classic dad joke.

For the Dapper Dude:

Admit it, this guy has swagger. He enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to show it off. So, remind him how amazing he is and treat him to something just as debonair as he is.

Legend Shave: The next-best thing to a traditional straight razor and hot towel treatment, this skin-conditioning shave cream will protect his skin from irritation and razor burn. Whether he is perfectly smooth or carefully trimmed, our creamy formula does the trick every time!

Skinny Dip XXV: Whether he enjoys a soak in the tub or a just quick shower, this pH-balanced combination body wash and bubble bath is sure to be his new go to. XXV blends fresh rain with Sicilian citrus and sandalwood for the perfect unisex scent that you can both appreciate. Buy for him … then steal for yourself!

District Between the Sheets: For the man who is anything but average, this powder-based spray adds a majestic touch anywhere it is sprayed.

For The Fitness Fanatic:

When the man in your life is even more in shape than you are, it can be intimidating to find him the perfect fit-gift. But, if you know how important his workout routine is to him, these products are sure to give him the fitness upgrade he’s been looking for.

District Spray: The perfect addition to his gym bag, this invigorating blend of clean peppermint, fresh citrus, and sensual sandalwood will take him from the gym to date night in a flash.

Rise & Grind Essential Oil Blend: Even the most focused exercise enthusiast needs a little boost sometimes! This make-it-happen essential oil blend allows him to take his hustle to the next level. This rollerball features energizing grapefruit and peppermint fused with stabilizing vanilla and rosemary to sharpen focus counteracting doubts and worries.

Miracle Oil: This ‘miracle in a bottle’ is a one-and-done option for all of his post-workout skin needs! From rough calluses to dry and cracked skin, this specially-formulated cream contains tea tree and other essential oils to keep skin looking healthy and immaculate!

For The Trendsetting Traveler:

He always knows what’s new, what’s hot, what’s on trend …and that can make him hard to shop for! But with this line-up, the next time he has to hop on a plane he will be well-equipped to travel in style.

District Clean: Any jet-setter knows one bottle is always better than two! This combination shampoo and body wash cleanses and invigorates with sandalwood and citrus for a clean that is truly exceptional.

Hydrate Legend Body Oil: Take his routine to the next level with this ultra-nourishing after-shower oil spray. This rich, creamy formula is crafted with premium ingredients to lock in moisture, no matter how far he travels!

Open Sesame Essential Oil Blend: Essential oils are all the rage right now, and a must-have for any trendsetter. This soothing clarity blend includes tea tree, lemon, and eucalyptus extracts to help him feel refreshed through all his travels.

For Your Hot Hubby!

He’s your partner in crime, and you appreciate him every single day. So why not show him just how much you value him by gifting him something you can use together!

Aura Lotus & Honey Massage Oil: Let your hands do the talking with this sensual massage oil crafted with a special blend of essential oils and herbal extracts. This non-greasy, non-sticky formula is perfect for muscles, foreplay, and skin.

Double Feature C- Ring: What better way to show your man how much you appreciate him than by introducing something new in the bedroom? This bath-friendly toy offers will offer a show-stopping performance … for both of you!

Whipped Vanilla Cupcake: This rich, creamy lubricant is the ultimate win-win. It will pair perfectly with your new C-ring or can be used alone to enhance oral favors for him with this deliciously kissable flavor.

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