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Calling all Caps! 🐐


Calling all Caps! 🐐

Check out what all 2019 has planned for Capricorns! Let's just say, we wish we could all be Capricorns this year.

Happy Birthday month cutie Caps! 

This year you will have the opportunity to grow your field of action and make decisions early that will set the course for the rest of 2019. So, make those bold decisions and make them confidently!

There is a risk of feeling under stress in 2019 but hang in there girlfriend (it’ll be worth it!) This year is set to be full of beautiful success and outstanding achievements.

Saturn will encourage you express both the positive and negative qualities associated with your sign. Remember that life’s all about balance—striving for perfection is nice, but it’s also an excellent reminder to be comfortable with those sensitive areas.

Here are some of our favorite products to help Caps this year.
Rise & Grind Confidence Boosting Essential Oil Blend to help your hit the ground running. 
Rise and Grind

Body Boost Firming Cream will help life your problem areas so you can focus on your other goals. 
Body Boost

Take a Bow 10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator is perfect for when you reach all of your success this year, you deserve to spoil yourself!
Take a Bow

Just remember, Caps, with a little patience and determination (and Pure Romance products) you can accomplish anything. Also, don’t forget to let loose and have some fun with every aspect of 2019!

2019 is gonna be the (sea) goat!