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Check out this Exclusive Book + Main Short Story by Willow Winters, our Spotlight Author of the Month!

We've partnered with Book+Main to have a few Romance novelists write exclusive stories called Bites to give you fun, short stories and a quick taste of their writing. Every other month, we’ll be bringing you exclusive Bites that feature Pure Romance toys, bath and beauty, and more. We hope you enjoy!
This month’s Bite comes from Willow Winters and features the fabulous Main Attraction. Willow brings us a story featuring her beloved couple, Aria and Cole from her USA Today bestselling series, Merciless. Read on to experience Main Attraction through the eyes of a romance author!
By Willow Winters
Chapter 1 | Aria 
It’s hard to admit but I’m struggling.  Even my tired eyes in the reflection, depicting the excessive lack of sleep, don’t convey the exhaustion I feel.  The swell of emotions that rock through me are unforgiving, like the crash of waves upon a rocky shore.  The granite counter in the bathroom offers me support as I grip it with every ounce of strength I have left after today. 
I don’t want to admit it, but I am struggling. 
Every thought I’ve had of these moments months ago have dwarfed into the background of a fantasy.  I didn’t know it would be like this. 
I didn’t know… no one told me… that I would be scared. 
With the creak of the bedroom door behind me, my heart wretches and my grip turns white knuckled.  All of the air in my lungs leaves me as I drop my gaze to the tiled floor of the master bathroom suite. 
Thump, thump.  I should be waiting for him.  I used to so easily.  I’d wait on my knees, kneeling and ready to please him.  My love.  My husband. 
Guilt walks with me, shame leading me forward like a leash buckled tight around my throat.  I can’t swallow as my feet pad from the tiled floor, to the plush carpet in the bedroom. The site of his polished black oxfords sends a wave of heat through me, but it’s dulled, so much so than it has ever been with Carter Cross. 
My gaze travels up the length of his muscular body, taking in the detail of the expensive tailored seams of his crisp suit.  The roughness of his hands provides memories that fuel the flames of desire, licking and cracking in the pit of my belly.  His broad shoulders, rippling with masculinity ignite the vision of his hard body over mine, as he takes what he demands, and then more, over and over.  
His throat tightens and I watch the cords move as he swallows.  His tie hits the floor with a dull thud as I meet his heated stare.  He’s silent and so am I.  The sharp lines of his jaw and the roughness of his short stubble are at odds with the soft storm that echoes in his eyes.  Carter Cross, with all his hard features, has a soft look in his eyes when he gazes at me.  The intensity of it burrows through me, making its way through my fear, through the fatigue, and claiming my submission. 
Head on over to Book+Main Bites to finish reading this Exclusive Bite from Willow Winters.
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From the Author about her Pure Romance inspired story:
Romance is what saved my sanity when I was a stay at home mom. I read constantly and as often as I could. It didn’t take long before I decided to write the stories I was desperate to read. The ones that kept me up at night, concocting themselves in my head. I’m so honored and happy to write for Pure Romance and give my readers a little bit more of Carter and Aria, especially this insight into their married life. The Main Attraction was the PERFECT toy to feature for a number of reasons I won't divulge, but let's just say writing this scene was an absolute breeze and I could do it all over again ... on every single setting. I tend to write deceptively dark and with a grittiness that is addictive, but how that translate after the last page of their initial tale is over is a question I receive often. Thank you for this opportunity; I hope you love it as much as I do.
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