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​5 of the World’s Top Romantic Destinations


​5 of the World’s Top Romantic Destinations

What’s even better than touring the world? Seeing incredible sights with your favorite person by your side, naturally!

From adventurous expeditions to intimate rendezvous, we’ve rounded up a few of the most romantic destinations (plus a few packing suggestions…wink wink!) for your next holiday in the sun!
peter-kleinau-99994-unsplash-min-(1).jpgParis, France
Ah, Paris! Whether you’re interested in exploring museums and seeing sites or tasting escargot, there’s no denying the City of Love will light a spark in your relationship!
On your way to touring the Louvre (Mona Lisa, am I right?), spritz on a little Truly Sexy 7th & Plum to match the city’s captivating vibe, then visit the Wall of Love, a love-themed work of art that features “I love you” in 250 languages.
Finish off your day with an intimate dinner à deux, then head back to the hotel to explore your desires in the world’s most romantic city! Bring out the Vanilla Bondage Kit for a night you won’t soon forget...because Paris is always a good idea.

jelle-de-gier-732927-unsplash-min-(1).jpgKauai, Hawaii
Snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, lounging on gorgeous beaches, and venturing into tropical rainforests make this island the perfect adventure for two!
On a romantic dinner cruise, treat your e ku'u aloha to special views of you and the ocean with the Box Office Panty Vibrator. Slip the remote across the table and sail into uncharted relationship territory together.
No evening in paradise is complete without a little something sweet and fruity! Get playful with Bosom Buddy Piña Colada for tropical flavors and tingly sensations.

sebastien-gabriel-127042-unsplash-min-(1).jpgNapa Valley, California
Wine glass in one hand and your sweetheart’s in another, enjoy rolling vineyard hills and breathtaking sunsets. In a city infused with the vibrancy of wine and merrymaking, the romantic energy alone may make you and your significant other feel tipsy, in the best way possible.
After a long day of wine tasting and countryside strolling, slip into your Euforia Gaia Classic Cami & Shorts. Your beau won’t be able to keep their hands off the sensually soft fabric (or your curves)!
Relaxation is key to any romantic vacation, so don’t forget to pack your Heart Massager and Lavender and Chamomile Massage Lotion. Hand that heart to your partner for a sensual couples massage…after all, massage is a great form of foreplay!

moon-341431-unsplash-min-(1).jpgTulum, Mexico
Go off the grid with your sweetie and discover a gem nestled in the Caribbean coast. Exploring the ancient Mayan ruins and colorful town of Tulum make for an amazingly intimate trip for two!
Spritz on Kiss to stay fresh and sexy during your adventures along the beaches or world-famous limestone caverns, then venture back to your low-key hotel for a different type of fun with Sexy Surprise Dice!
Make the most of your cell phone-free bonding time with a spicy game night. Roll the dice for an evening of passionate possibilities where everyone’s a winner!

holly-mandarich-605436-unsplash-min-(1).jpgAspen, Colorado
Not the hot weather type? No problem! Make your great wintery escape together to Aspen’s legendary snowy mountain range.
After a full day of skiing and checking out snow-covered sights, head back to the lodge to turn up the heat! Ease into a bubble bath together with Skinny Dip Love Story and melt away the snowflakes sprinkled in your hair. Then, take things from warm right to hot with your bath-friendly massager, Aqua! This will be the only form of après ski they’ll ever crave!