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FAQ For Parties

A Pure Romance party is unlike any party you’ve ever held before. It’s natural for you have some questions. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, so chances are, someone else has asked the same question. Find answers to our most common questions about hosting a Pure Romance party.

If you still don’t find an answer, call us at 1-866-ROMANCE (766-2623).

Party Basics

A Pure Romance party gives women the chance to have fun, laugh, and learn in a safe environment. One of our trained Pure Romance Consultants will show you the latest bath and beauty products, as well as premium lubricants and sex toys. After the presentation, each guest will have the opportunity to ask questions and order in private.
A Pure Romance party usually lasts about three hours. It might be shorter or longer, depending on how many questions you have for the Consultant—and how much fun you have!
Sorry, but Pure Romance parties are for women only. We’re committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for women to learn about sexual health. Having men in attendance would make some women uncomfortable—plus, you’ll have more fun when it’s just the girls! Men are always welcome to order products online or through a Pure Romance Consultant.
No. Pure Romance parties are for women 18 years old or older. Infants and children cannot be on the premises during a Pure Romance party. Please leave your kids at home and enjoy some quality girlfriend time!
All shopping is 100% confidential. It takes place in a private room, separate from the party and the rest of the guests. Your Pure Romance Consultant can answer any questions you have about the products, and she will keep your complete confidence.
All Consultants accept cash and credit cards, and some accept personal checks. Check with your Consultant to see which forms of payment she accepts.
Most Consultants carry a large inventory to each party so customers can take their purchases home that night. If your Consultant does not have a product in stock, she will deliver your order directly to you within 7 to 10 business days. 

Invited Guests

As far as we’re concerned, just a smile. Check with your hostess, though—she might want you to bring an appetizer or beverage to share.
Slip on your favorite party outfit, and you’re ready to go. Ask your hostess if the party has a theme that requires a particular look.
Absolutely! Ask your hostess for a catalog and order form. Fill out the order form, and give it back to her. She’ll give it to the Consultant, who will send you your purchases in 7 to 10 business days. In addition, you always have the option to shop online through this website.
You might want to check with your hostess. However, all women 18 years old or older are welcome to attend a Pure Romance party!

Potential Hostesses

Absolutely nothing! You can book a party with any Pure Romance Consultant for free! It’s a night of fun and quality time with your friends at no cost to you.
Definitely! You’d be surprised at how little room hosting a party really takes. We’ve even held parties in dorm rooms. No matter how small your space is, we can make it work.
As a hostess, your only responsibility is to decide where the party will be held and who you want to invite. It’s that easy!
When you host a party with Pure Romance, you earn a free hostess gift and a credit for 10% of the party's sales to get the products you love! Plus, this fun night with friends is paired with the best sexual health information out there. That’s because experts have trained your Pure Romance Consultant. 
Everyone! Women love attending Pure Romance parties. So, don’t just include your best friends. You never know which family member, coworker, neighbor, or PTA pal will want an invite. If you’re having trouble deciding, just ask your Consultant to help; she knows exactly what to do.
Of course! Your Consultant will give you a Party ID, catalogs and order forms for any guests who want to place an order but can’t attend the party. In addition, they always have the option of ordering through the Consultant’s website or the Pure Romance website. Just remind them to include your Party ID when checking out, so you get credit for their purchase.