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How Does It Work?

As a Pure Romance consultant, you'll share the best of bath, beauty, and relationship enhancement products through in-home parties. By selling the products and building a team, you'll enjoy the unlimited earning potential and flexibility that comes when you're the boss. See how it works.

Starter Kits

When it comes to starting a business, it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That's why we've created three different starter kit options, designed to fit any budget and interest level. From the standard (I'm just going to do a couple parties a month) to the full monty (I'm going to party 'til my feet fall off), you can select the starter kit that's right for you.

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Money & Rewards

Life is too short to have to worry about when the next paycheck will come in. When you own your own business, you call the shots. You determine the number of parties you want to hold and how much money you'll make. From $500 to $2500 a month or more, you can make as much or as little as you need. Take a look at how the money and rewards add up.

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Success Stories

Being a Pure Romance Consultant means that you really do have the ability to turn your dreams into reality. See how women just like you have changed their lives for the better through their experience with Pure Romance.

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Training & Support

Trying anything new can be a bit scary, like applying fake eyelashes for the first time. Our support network can help eliminate fear and empower you to achieve the life you deserve. You do not need to be a polished salesperson, technology genius, or sexual health goddess to get started.

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Do I need sales experience?
Almost all Consultants begin with no sales experience. If you're willing to learn, Pure Romance has many training opportunities to help you become a pro.
How do I book my first party?
Your friends and family can help you get your new business off the ground by booking a party with you! Ask your sponsoring Consultant about a "launch party" where she help you get started.
How do I get paid?
Simply put, you'll make a profit on each product you sell. With a 40% buying discount right from the start, you'll begin earning a great income with each party you hold. And that's only the start of it! You'll also receive bonuses when you start sharing the opportunity with other women through our override bonus program.
Can my customers shop online with me?
Yes! Every Pure Romance Consultant is issued a personal website that includes an online store. Your customers can browse our entire product line online, and you earn a commission off anything they buy through your site.
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