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Lip Sync 3-Speed Clitoral Vibrator


Lip Sync

Take a front-row seat for the performance of your life! Lip Sync was designed to say it right every time—without needing a single word. This handy clitoral vibrator’s contoured surface aims to thrill, while three exhilarating speeds ensure Lip Sync’s flexible tongue performs perfectly every time.   


  • “Tongue” action for sweet sensations
  • Three exhilarating speeds of vibration
  • Bath-friendly design


To insert batteries, twist base to left and pull down. Insert batteries and replace base by pushing up and twisting to the right. To turn on, hold button down for three seconds. To cycle through speeds, push button on bottom. To turn off, hold button down for three seconds. 

What other shoppers think



There are 8 reviews for this product

April 12,2017
This thing is not worth the money. Mine (like all the others apparently) wont shut off unless you take the bottom off and does not change speeds. The only plus side is it stays on full blast so I guess at least there's that!


March 13,2017
Broke after using a few times🙁 Not happy at all!

Carol Mahan

March 10,2017
I purchased this and I turned it on. it won't shut off on it's own, it has to be opened. It also will not change speeds. Cheaply made and not worth the price.


February 22,2017
Bought this and was not able to use right away due to having a hip replacement. Used it ONCE and the next time... only stayed on one setting and to turn it off, had to take the cap off. Wish I hadn't wasted my money!!!

sheryl durlak

December 29,2016
Will be returning for full refund. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I just got the one Alie G returned! Does not cycle through the other speeds and I cannot turn it off without removing the batteries. The lowest speed is a joke....a flopping fish moves more! Will not be ordering a replacement. I had used the 7th Heaven and Ive had 2 in the passed 10 years...each lasted 5 years. The products have clearly gone downhill. Very disappointing.


December 29,2016
Liked it but it broke after one month.

peggy mcdonald

December 14,2016
I just received this product in the mail and it came broken. The top bottom does not work at all. It will not change speeds or turn off and I have tried several times. I am extremely displeased.

Alie G

November 18,2016
We brought this into our bedroom as our first sex toy. OMG, best decision ever!