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In the Groove 7-Speed Vaginal Vibrator


In the Groove

Get In the Groove and get ready to move! This seven-function vaginal vibrator has three electrifying speeds and four pulsing patterns to help you make sweet, sweet music between the sheets. Featuring a raised tickler and a spiraled shaft for twice the pleasure, In the Groove is perfect for your midnight performances.

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There are 5 reviews for this product

March 07,2017
I havent had any problems out of this toy. I love the girth it has and the clitoral hook to help get the job done!

Becky D

January 27,2017
One star is too much. Same problem as all the other reviews. I had 2 different sets of brand new AAA batteries. Put those in and no vibration. The cap to the vibrator is super thin and cheap as well. Unfortunately, when i purchased this there were no reviews at the time.


January 22,2017
Opened the package and put the batteries into it, put back on the battery cover/button and turned it on. It started up and would not change settings when pushing the button again. The instructions said that in order to turn off, hold the button for three seconds, but it would not turn off. Had to take back off the battery cover/button to turn off. Being the package was opened in order to even put the batteries in to try it, being told it may not be replaced.


January 21,2017
If you want a product that actually works, I suggest not purchasing this item. Same problem as the previous poster (on/off button does not work), but I can't exchange it because it was opened (made the purchase online). So I'm left with a paperweight.

Also - I had purchased another item from a party but had the same problem with an item that had an on/off switch. The consultant told me she'd get a replacement for me but that I had to give it to her first. That was THREE MONTHS AGO, and she keeps telling me they're backlogged on replacements.

Thoroughly unsatisfactory experience, and I'll not only repeat it but I also tell other women who invite me to these parties. I'll post this same review on the other item that didn't work.

Stephanie R(not finishing last name)

December 04,2016
Worked for one minute and now the on/off button does not work.