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Come Clean 8oz Adult Sex Toy Cleaner


Come Clean Adult Sex Toy Cleaner 8 fl oz 240 ml

Soap and water will leave your toy dry and cracked, making it a bacteria colony. That’s definitely not sexy. Come Clean toy cleaner is an absolute must, because it is specially formulated to keep your toy as good as new.


Why You’ll Love It
• All you need to avoid infection
• Helps keep your toy buzzing for a long time
• Doesn't irritate your skin




To use, remove the batteries from the toy (if it has them), and rinse the toy under warm water. Spray thoroughly with the cleaner, and rinse again under warm water. Use a clean towel to pat the toy dry, and store in an airtight bag or container (one toy per bag or container).

Store at room temperature.

What other shoppers think



There are 15 reviews for this product

June 26,2017
No fragrance, easy to use, I just don't feel like it removes all of the Simply Silk Toy Lubricant but like it says in the description I don't want to clean my toy with soap and water leaving it cracked. I'm pretty sensitive and haven't yet gotten a yeast infection or any other problems, so I feel like even though it looks like there is still oily residue from the toy lube that it's at least "disinfected" residue. (The oily residue that I am seeing is on toys such as the 'take a bow' or the 'encore', maybe its just from the type of silicone its made from that the toy lube adheres to the surface.)

Lisa Knight

May 31,2017
This stuff is the best! I love knowing that my products are clean and safe to use!

Ms. "O"

March 30,2017
This stuff is amazing. Works like a charm, does the job great!


March 01,2017

Ashlee Marie :)

November 27,2016
This is a great product. I was just using soap and water before, and this makes such a difference. It cuts through any oils or lubes, it leaves the toy feeling soft and like new. It doesn't have much of a smell, but the little smell that it does have is rather nice. Highly recommend.


October 16,2016
easy !

yarida cruz

February 16,2016
This is a great cleaner I have been using this product for 3 yrs, it does its job with no residue ever


July 26,2015
Giving it a 5 because I'm hoping it is cleaning but I can't say 100% just like Lysol you can't ever be that sure. It is odor free, and is easy to use! Just spray & rinse!


April 17,2015
A must have if you buy a toy.


June 10,2014
If you have a toy, then you need this! It keeps your toy fresh, clean, soft and free of nasty bacteria. It's super easy to use and doesn't leave my toy feeling sticky

Myan Erickson

March 16,2014
Come Clean left my toy feeling very clean but not sticky or dried out to the touch. It reminded me of rubbing alcohol but without the smell. I followed the directions and I felt that it did a great job getting it clean and like new.

Cynthia Rosenberger

February 13,2014
I LOVE this! This cleans everything quick and easy!!!

Natalie Werlein

January 20,2014
This is an excellent toy cleaner. I think what impressed me the most about this cleaner is that it actually got rid of the massage oil on my heart massager. Oil doesn't come off anything easily and with this it did!

Jennifer K.

January 18,2014
Best toy cleaner! Safely and thoroughly cleans without damaging the toys! Love!

katy rose

January 16,2014
Best toy cleaner I have ever used. Easy to use and worth the price, knowing that your toys are truly clean!

Danielle Picard