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Like a Virgin 24-Hour Tightening Cream


Like a Virgin 24 Hour tightening cream

Like a Virgin makes it feel like the first time! This alum-based tightening cream makes the vaginal walls contract for up to 24 hours, so you feel tighter to him and he feels larger to you.


• More than two months' worth of product. Have fun seeing if you can use it all before then.
• Works so well, you and your partner will feel like you’ve travelled back in time to your first encounter.
• Alum, the active ingredient in Like a Virgin, contracts vaginal membranes.
• .5 oz./.15 ml.


Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, PEG–32, PEG-6, Water (eau), Propylene Glycol, Potassium Alum, Allantoin, Glycerin, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.


Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your fingertip, and divide it into two. Apply half of the cream as far into the vagina as possible. Pull/wipe it down, subsequently spreading it over the vaginal tissues, to the vaginal opening. Apply the other half just inside the vaginal opening. If you can’t reach very far into the vagina or are uncomfortable touching yourself, you can put a pea-sized amount of the cream on the top of a clean, empty tampon applicator and use that to apply it to your vaginal walls. Allow up to 30 minutes after application for it to take effect.

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There are 21 reviews for this product

December 30,2017
I had used this product once so far and my husband said that he could actually feel a slight difference! Imagine what would happen if I used it all of the time!? Definitely worth the price. <3

Rachael Massey

October 17,2017


August 17,2017
Well I just wasted 20 bucks. I didn't check the ingredients before ordering and I wish I had. This junk contains PROPYLPARABEN which, according to a 2013 Harvard School of Public Health study, is associated with diminished fertility and disrupts endocrine function. And you want me to put this in my hooha?!? NO THANK YOU! Don't be surprised if there's some sort of class action lawsuit that happens after couples use this and then can't conceive. Pretty much ALL QUALITY lotions these days have eliminated parabens. from their ingredients. I guess Pure Romance didn't get that memo.
DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING THIS STUFF. This product went right into the trash after I read the ingredients!

Monica W

June 07,2017
So I'm just wondering - how exactly would a cream make my vagina (a.k.a the muscular canal that connects my vulva to my uterus) "tighter?" Who can I speak to about the science behind this product? Also, if I'm a lesbian and have never slept with a man, does that make me a virgin?

Let me know, thanks!

Sara Grady

October 29,2016
I love this product for a romantic evening with my man when I know we're going to take our time. Waiting about 10-15 mins before we get to it is about the perfect time frame...and trust'll be feeling nice and "snug."


July 28,2016
This was great for me and him. He had no idea I had used it on myself. I used the up all night on him and needless to say, he was ready to go again within the hour. We love this stuff. I only used a pea sized amount.

Misty Teseniar

June 15,2016
I honestly didn't notice a single difference, I had such high hopes and it was a huge let down. Oh and the bottle is SO tiny, like the size of my thumb.. I think I might try to use a little more than a pea sized amount, maybe it'll work then BUT with the price that you pay for it, you don't want to waste it all in one go, ya know.

Trisha Cofield

September 29,2015
This stuff really does work!! The only draw back though is how little the tube is. wish it came in a bigger tube, but worth buying.


September 04,2015
This stuff really works!!!! I felt much tighter and he felt much bigger!! Even though you don't need much, it is a bit expensive for how little of a tube you get. For that reason, I have it 4 out of 5 stars.


July 30,2015
Wonderful product! It really works and is very pleasurable for both me and my husband!!


July 15,2015
Works just like it says!

Tricia Ashley

July 09,2015
LOVE this stuff! We were a little concerned because it's a small amount for the money, compared to other products, but it's worth every penny!!! My husband was in an accident as a teenager and has sensitivity issues because of it and can't always climax...not a problem anymore! ❤❤❤


March 28,2015
Me nor my husband felt any difference... would not buy again.

Jessica Cummings

March 26,2015
I absolutely loved this. I followed the directions to the T and it drove the hubby insane! He loved it too! We actually both reached out peak at the same time which can be rare!


March 23,2015
Forgot to rate it gets a 5 but it's just hard to get it where it needs to go before it starts melting, and it takes quite a bit and you do t get much in that little tube. But the reward is worth it.

Patricia Bunn

March 23,2015
This stuff is fantastic.

Patricia Bunn

September 07,2014
All I can say is WOW! I'm glad I bought "Up All Night" at the same time! Made it extremely pleasurable for both of us.


August 14,2014
Love this! Plan on getting more when I run out!!

Bridgett Carty

June 17,2014
Love love love !!! Get product that last for months(just use a pea size)!!!!!


May 11,2014
I used about 2 pea sized drops of it and was intimate maybe 20 hours after applied and let me tell you, it worked! I felt a difference and he felt a difference even with a condom on! Great product with surprising results

Candy Hicks

March 03,2014
OK. I will be super honest about this product. I was hoping for a better reaction from my husband but he was not thrilled to say the least. The first time, we waited like 2 minutes and of course, no change.. then the second time, I applied it myself, using a liberal amount, several hours prior... little to no difference. There isn't a whole lot in the tube so you want to make the most of it but you will probably need to use more than a pea size amount. Not everyone will have these results, I'm sure, but it is definitely a good way to get him interested, after his long day at work ;)

Monica Price