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Burning Desire Soy Massage Oil Candle


Burning Desire Soy Massage Oil Candle

Ignite a flame with Burning Desire! Burn this soy massage oil candle and let the sweet, fragrant oil take over your body. Melted massage oil is great for doubling as a warm, rich body balm. Lasts up to 20 massages.


• Long-lasting so you and your partner can take turns soothing each other
• Helps you get in a mellow mood
• Brings the spa home


100% Natural Soybean Oil, Natural Fragrance Oil


Light the candle, and allow it to burn for several minutes to create oil. Extinguish the flame, and carefully test the candle wax to ensure a comfortable temperature. Pour the warm massage oil onto your partner’s skin. Never leave the burning candle unattended. Keep away from flammable items. Keep away from children. Caution: Contains soy; avoid if allergic to soy.

Store at room temperature.

What other shoppers think



There are 8 reviews for this product

September 16,2017
Oh HONEY! I had a friend order this for me from a party. This smell is AMAZING first off and lord JESUS! When it is slowly dripped over your body it doesn't burn like most wax. It feels absolutely amazing and makes your skin so soft.

Michael B

February 16,2017
This is truly amazing! Heats to the perfect temperature without burning you at all and the smell alone is enough to get you ready for a sensual evening!

Leighann Franklin

August 13,2016
Its a perfect temperature! I love it and will buy more. First use was so amazing i fell asleep because it felt so good!

Stephanie Zahl-Walton

October 07,2015
This candle is amazing!! My boyfriend is all about sensual massage, and the first time I used this candle with him it took the massage to another level. Not only is the soy candle safe because it doesn't burn the skin, but it is long lasting and the texture is not waxy at all! LOVE this product!! Will definitely be buying this again!


February 07,2015
This was my first PR purchase and I couldn't be happier. We have one on my husbands bed stand and one on mine. The candles melt down but the oil doesn't get to hot. I like that it does t dry to a ex but a moisturizing oil. Very pleased!

Erin Becker

January 06,2015
The Burning Desire Oil Candle was pretty nice. The oil was nice and warm and had a great smell!


January 17,2014
Who wouldn't love 20 massages? This will make your skin feel like silk!


January 17,2014
I LOVE this candle! It really is long lasting, and it smells so good. I love being able to add ambience to the room too!

katy rose