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Heart Massager Heart-Shaped Heat Pack


Heart Massager Heart Shaped Heat Pack

Soothe your partner’s body, then bring it close to yours with this simple-to-use heated massage pack. At 129° F, the only thing hotter is your desire!


• Warms your hands at your kids' fall and winter activities
• Like having a hot stone massage at home
• Reusable for endless pleasure




To begin the warming process, snap the metal disc inside the massager once. The massager will quickly heat up to 129° F/54° C. Pour a massage oil over the body, and massage with the warm massager. Once the massager cools, it will harden. To reset it, place the massager in boiling water for 7 to 10 minutes until the crystals have liquefied. You can then use it again. For massage tips, refer to the included guide.

Store at room temperature.

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There are 29 reviews for this product

October 01,2017
Unfortunately after first use this didn't work. I followed instructions and boiled it and cooked it. But how ever much I turned the metal disk the pack wouldn't heat anymore . Not sure how to return the product either

Dylani Herath

September 16,2017
best heating pad for sore spots

Marlena Fryman

March 14,2017
I'm loving my heart massager now! Mine did arrive solid so I had to boil it before the 1st use. Got the one use out of it and then each time I tried to re-set it by boiling it for 10 mins (crystals looked completely gone to me) and leaving it on a towel to cool it would be solid the next morning. I figured out how to fix the problem though. I think my silver click button was left clicked in the activate direction after the first use. I just boiled the solid heart until it was soft enough (and ran under water until cool enough to handle) to click the activator in the opposite direction and then re-boiled it. It seems to be as good as new now! (FYI for me the deactivated "clicker" has the little bumps on the disk concaving inward) Hope this helps someone with the same problem I had. :)


March 01,2017
I LOVED this project at first! It's a great size and warms up nicely. Great for menstrual cramps. I may have overused it, because after about 10 re-boils it's didn't fully function properly again.

Ashlee Beever

January 17,2017
I thought this was so cool. I got it as a prize at the party my friend hosted. I used it once and loved it. I boiled it, following the instructions carefully. When it was cooled I found it had a hole in it. !!!!!!! I have no idea what or how it happened but I am so disappointed.


September 01,2016
This thing is a miracle for muscle aches, foreplay, and especially menstrual cramps, which is what I mainly use it for. I am intending on buying a few more at some point to use in back massages with the hubby. Thank you to Cecily Baker for recommending this one!


March 14,2016
I love this!!! I use it for cramps, my boyfriend after a long days work, its also a good way to get foreplay in ;)

Only reason for not giving five stars is i dislike boiling it.

leah miner

February 14,2016
I just love this little heated buddy so i call it. It helps with neck pain back pain, even helped me today for my head ache. I tell ya it works and i just love it.

Amie Lawson

February 14,2016
Sooo warm on my back! I like! Getting another one-might be better than one

Omozuwa Otamere

February 06,2016
I am SO disappointed in this!! We got ONE use out of it...I went to reheat it, as the directions said, and it seemed to be fine except for the HOLE and leaking contents once it was liquid again. We only used it once, then put it back in the original packaging when it solidified, and I followed the directions exactly when I was reheating it! This product is SO CHEAP and I am so disappointed I spent $15 for a one-time-use. I like a lot of your products, but this one is CHEAP and not worth the money. #atleasttheconsultantmademoney #verydisspointed


July 14,2015
Got the heart as a hostess gift 2 years ago. It worked fine for a while, Stored it liquid like it said to. Left it alone for about 2 months in a drawer in my room. Took it out to use during a bad period and it was solid.

I shrugged and boiled it. After 10 minutes it was mostly still solid. So I gave it another 5. It didn't look like it had any crystals, so I took it out of the water to let it cool. an hour later it was solid. I tried again, this time ending up leaving it in the boiling water for 20 minutes. half an hour later it was full of crystals. IDK what to do to make it go back to usable, but it is NOT usable right now.

If it doesn't boil back to liquid when I try it a third time, I will toss it and switch to a different brand that is cheaper and DOES work. $2.50 for a rectangle or $15 + Shipping for a heart...

Teasia-Larin Bingham

June 24,2015
Bought mine a year ago, popped it to do a demo for my husband it completely crystallized!!!!!!! Never got to use it, definitely a waste of money!!!!!!!


March 28,2015

Jessica Cummings

March 01,2015
I definitely need more of these! My husband and I love using it with the Serenity massage oil for back massages. It gets hot super fast and stays hot for a long time. I've also heard they're great for cramps and muscle aches. Seriously, I need at least two more so I always have one ready to go.

Amanda C

February 07,2015
This is a multi use item! My husband and I use with with the oils and whipped so it's great for message. We also use this to keep our hands warm while running! A very multi use item! Getting more so we will always have one ready to go.

Erin Becker

February 07,2015
I bought this because I'm always cold. My hands literally feel like dead people hands for even most of the summer. Which is party in the summer when you touch people. It's refreshing then. But in the winter, I get a lot of complaint. I popped the disc at the party last night and it stayed warm for 2 1/2 hours after. I even walked a block home in 20° weather and it was still warm. I've booked it and reused it twice already, under the blanket when he left for work this morning, and in my hoody pocket when I stepped outside a moment earlier today. I love this product so far. If you struggle with anemia our hormone issues where you're cold often, these are a decent investment. I might order a few more eventually.


December 01,2014
Bought mine about a year ago & I love it. It's easy to use and reset. It stays warm for a long time but I wish it stayed "hot" longer. I would recommend it to others.


November 05,2014
Love this glad I got it. Works great. Best thing I got.

Michelle Simmons

October 27,2014
I absolutely love this! My consultant explained the care and use of this product so well and I haven't had any problems with it so far. I love using the Serenity massage oil with it! It will be great also for when it gets cold out. At least for as long as it is not solid. I used it with my partner as well, just for the standard massage. Love the use of it, and love the simplicity!


October 11,2014
My 1st massager - after using it only ONCE I tried to "reset it" and it broke in the boling water. I contacted my pure romance consultant and she said I needed to boil it with a wash cloth wrapped around it---the directions on the package say NOTHING about doing that. So, she sent me a new one. I opened it, used it only ONCE and Was SO excited to use it again. Afterall, the package does say it's I put it in the pot of boiling water WITH a washcloth this time and It reset. As I took it out of the pot of water I Layed it on the counter to cool. I checked on it maybe ten minutes later and it was hard as a rock, again, as if I had just used it. I'm VERY disappointed in this product. It is NOT reusable. Don't think I'll be purchasing another pure romance product. Been through two of these and only got to use each one once. Waste of money!

kearra brown

July 20,2014
I was introduced to this by my sister-in-law and fell in love! Great product. Only problem with it was about 6 months after buying mine, it stopped melting and is in a permanent crystal state. Haven't heard of any of my friends' hearts doing this though. Very sad... Would still recommend.

Sandra Rambo

June 30,2014
Awesome product! Great value!! Bought 2 and plan to buy more!


March 15,2014
I've had my heart massager for over 5 years now. As it gets older, it does take a bit longer to "melt" and heat up. But I wouldn't change it for anything... Except to maybe get another one. They're an awesome deal for just $15!

Ashley L

March 08,2014
I love this heart massager! It gets really hot, perfect for lower back pains, cramps or just any tension anywhere on your body. The only complaint I have is I wish it stayed hot for longer. Also, it is good to sleep with if your cold! It will warm you right up.

Jasmin King

March 04,2014
Why are you reading this review!? Hurry, put the Hot Heart in your cart before someone else does! Buy 3, they're ahhhh-mazing!


January 26,2014
The heart warmers work wonders!! I have had mine for over 2 years now and it still works as great as it did the first day. Perfect for cramps, neck pain, back pain, anything!! Would recommend it to anyone.

Angelyna Livengood

January 20,2014
I love my heart massager because it heats up fast, feels amazing when giving a massage, and is re-useable! The only complaints I have is that it stays HOT for about 30 minutes(not an hour) and then it starts cooling down. My 2nd complaint is that both heart massagers I own take longer and longer to boil. One of mine I have to boil for 25 minutes. Other then that it is a great product!

Jennifer K.

January 17,2014
Great for getting rid of that tension in your muscles and helping to set the mood.


January 10,2014
Heats up like instantly, is at a perfect temp where it's the perfect heat, and stays warm for a long time!

Jennifer Kramer