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Nipple Clamps With Feathers

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Nipple Clamps Feathered Nipple Clamps

Make intimacy hurt so good! Nipple clamps supply a sexy squeeze while light feathers dance across bare breasts.


• Adjustable clamps let you control your pleasure.
• Rubber coated clamping area keeps the pain to a minimum.
• Feathers provide a devilish tickle.
• .5"/1.27 cm clamp, 3"/7.62 cm feather


Attach to nipples to apply pressure. Avoid using excessive force to prevent injury to the skin.

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There are 2 reviews for this product

February 12,2015
The product description says "..keeps the pain to a minimum": what would be the point in that?! These are great little nipple clamps, can be tightened as much as you can take it and the plastic coating makes it much more comfortable than clothes pins! I'd rather have weights than feathers myself. Definitely satisfied with these though.

Happy Granny

January 18,2014
If you're crazy, and I know I am, these make everything so much better. Can't have the big O without stimulating everything all at one. If you haven't had it, you need to experience it!

Amber Boomhower