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Frequent Flier Door Swing Instant Position Aid


Frequent Flier Door Swing Instant Position Aid

Unlock position perfection with the Frequent Flier Sex Swing and turn any ordinary doorway into a blissful, weightless paradise.


• Fits the playfully petite and the tall drinks of sexy
• Soft, padded stirrups are simple to use.
• Holds up to 300 lbs.
• Rolls up for easy storage


Follow the directions printed on the product packaging.

What other shoppers think



There are 4 reviews for this product

September 02,2017
I love this aid! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY! It is easy up and down for added adventure without going to far 'outside the box'. It can easily be used in different rooms for more ways to play! Great idea. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase! Huge thanks to Consultant Karissa Sledd for recommending this item. We've had so many great times! :D Also easily adjusted so this can easily work for anyone! Highly recommend to anyone looking for adventure or something a little different with very little setup or prior planning needed!


February 12,2017
My husband and I love this product. So many ways to use it and the convenience of easy up and down is great for us!

Aarron Escalante

March 28,2015
I'm not to sure on this product... I like the idea of it but when I'm actually in it it hurts my outer thighs and can't be in it to long...

Jessica Cummings

January 18,2014
I have a nice fantasy of my guy holding me up and doing me. Well, he's a little shorter than me and I'm a little too heavy atm for him to lift like that lol. This is perfect for having it acted out with some help!

Amber Boomhower