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Flogger Faux-Leather Pleasure Whip


Flogger Tasseled Flogger

The faux-leather Flogger dominates the action with more than 13 inches of delicious danger strands you can use to excite and/or punish even the naughtiest of partners.


• Delicate enough to tease your partner’s erogenous areas and strong enough to raise love welts.
• 13.5" tassels are the perfect size for rough play.
• A must-have for couples experimenting with bondage.


Use across your partner’s body, touching all of the erogenous zones to create new experiences. Discontinue immediately if undesired discomfort occurs. Avoid using excessive force to help prevent injury to the skin. For adult use only.

Discuss comfort levels with your partner before things get hot and heavy.

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January 18,2014
This looks like it'd be the perfect addition to the collection. I do wish it came in different colors. It's a little more than the tickle whip but has more appeal because of the extra tassles

Amber Boomhower