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Crop Faux-Leather Riding Crop

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Crop Sexy Riding Crop

Get your hands on a Crop and show that special someone who’s boss with a little loving impact play.


• Nearly foot-long handle creates speed and impact.
• Embedded Pure Romance logo lets your make your mark.
• Finally, you can embrace your inner dominatrix.
• Pain can be quite pleasurable.


Use across your partner’s body, touching all of the erogenous zones to create new experiences. Discontinue immediately if undesired discomfort occurs. Avoid using excessive force to help prevent injury to the skin. For adult use only.

Discuss comfort levels with your partner before things get hot and heavy.

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There are 1 reviews for this product

January 18,2014
Much needed in my bedroom! Next on shopping list! I do like the tickle whip appeal better though or the flogger

Amber Boomhower