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Premiere Fingertip Clitoral Vibrator



You’ll never forget your first time with Premiere. This 10-speed vibrator slips easily over a finger, adding a new dimension to all kinds of play. Perfect for clitoral vibration or all-over massage, Premiere delivers exclusive access to a red-carpet pleasure experience! Part of the Seductive Spotlight Collection from Pure Romance.

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There are 11 reviews for this product

July 03,2017
This is the most awkward! I hate to even admit buying this. It's ok. It was used a whole twice since having it and after the battery died I tried to charge it. It won't charge, it connects for a minute and the red light pops on. But after leaving it plugged in over night it does nothing. Now the light won't even turn on. Tried contacting PR about it and LOL nothing. Needless to say I won't be buying any more adult toys from PR any more. I wouldn't suggest buying this item or any other battery operated items, they sell faulty toys and ignore you when you try to contact them.

Anonymous IKR

May 29,2017
This thing does absolutely nothing do NOT waste your money on it. I'm so disappointed, even more so because for the same price I could have gotten Kaia and there is no way for me to exchange. Every other product I've gotten from Pure Romance has been such high quality I'm in disbelief that this product can be such a let down.

Baillie Schwint

March 30,2017
Complete let down. :(
I was SO excited to try this bad boy out and I love the idea of it. I had been wanting to buy this since it first came out but was waiting for a sale through my consultant since the reviews are so low.
Although this vibrator does have ten different speed settings, they are not strong enough. The only way I know how to explain it, is that the vibrations are "too fine". The vibrations just made me itchy and almost numb. I do NOT recommend spending your money on this vibrator. I wish there was some sort of "Love it guarantee" because I definitely did not enjoy this product at all.


February 21,2017
I LOVE this product very very POWERFUL and the fact I can take it with me anywhere OMG!!! Every woman should have a FINGERTIP CLITORAL VIBRATOR. My boyfriend can please me and its very discreet I love it. I want to take the time to thank my Pure Romance Consultant MONICA GOULD you're the best, anything I want to know you always have the answer's its always a pleasure speaking with you and learning from you THANK U


February 10,2017
I was intrigued when I first saw the Premier at a friend's party, but when I went online, I was a little discouraged by the negative reviews posted here. I decided to give it a try anyway and here's what I found. The first time I used it with my husband, things started out pretty exciting, but then fizzled. I wasn't sure why, but I tried it several times by myself and found this product quite adequate. My opinion is that it's so small, which is part of the appeal, but the shape is a little awkward and the shape and size makes it a little difficult for my husband to pinpoint the exact spot and best pressure to use. I have no problems by myself and the second time I used it with my husband, I was able to guide him a little better and the result was more satisfying. Overall, I think this is a good product. I'd give it four stars. Next time, I think I would consider the Take a Bow.

Anonymous Customer

February 04,2017
I should have read the reviews before purchasing this product. I charged it fully before using, but like the reviews say, it was NOT powerful enough. I don't know how they can say it has 10 speeds. I could detect maybe 2 speeds - neither of which were powerful enough. I'm tempted to try Take a Bow but don't want to spend $200 and still not be satisfied. Is there a money back guarantee? I'm very disappointed that I spent $90 on something I will never use again.

Not Satisfied

December 28,2016
I LOVE this product! I listened to my consultants instructions about charging it before my first use and OMG... the POWER this tiny thing has! Very Satisfied and really loved the packaging and the ability to recharge!


October 29,2016
I loved the idea of this product, but its not powerful enough and the shape is awkward. However my husband did enjoy it when I used it on him so its not a total loss.


September 28,2016
Do not recommend. I was very, very disappointed with this product. The vibration is definitely not what I expected. Very, very weak! You're better off with a bullet.

Molly mittens

September 18,2016
The 7th Heaven is the only thing that's ever done it for me. Ive had four of them over the past 8ish years. I was excited to try this, but it's so disappointing.


July 18,2016
Very disappointed with this purchase. Wanted something that wouldn't stop working after a year like the good ol' silver bullet so, I tried this. The vibration is weak compared to what I'm used to. Didn't serve its purpose. Didn't think about getting my money back because it was used.