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Main Attraction Silicone Dual-Action Vibrator


Main Attraction

Who needs teasers when you’re the star of the Main Attraction? This dual-action thriller skillfully directs your pleasure with 10 speeds of independently controlled clitoral and shaft vibration, plus a textured, G-spot-pleasing tip that offers a brilliant performance all the way through the end credits. If you think this Main Attraction looks exhilarating, just wait until the pulse-pounding climax! Part of the Seductive Spotlight Collection from Pure Romance.
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There are 16 reviews for this product

February 18,2018
I bought this beauty about 6 months go, and it has already died! I'm infuriated that a $200 toy lasted only 6 months, but I have purchased toys for much cheaper that lasted years! I wouldn't buy again; it gave 0 warning.

February 13,2018
I loved this toy at first, but the second time I went to use it the motor in the clitoral attachment had stopped working. Three weeks later the only thing that worked on this toy was the lights. This was the biggest waste of $200 that I ever spent and I'm infuriated because they don't even have a warranty or anything for it. I have bought numerous toys from PR over the years and still use and love all of them. I have never had a toy of such bad quality, even when the toy cost a quarter of the price. Would not recommend.


October 22,2017
No toy has ever taken me to climax on its own, but this thing accomplished the 5 minutes flat...And the response was ultra strong. I love that it tapers down, as I'm quite narrow and experience pain with intercourse or solo play frequently. Most vaginal toys are uncomfortable for me and feel like they pull on my perineum, I get none of that uncomfortable pinching or dragging feel. It's silky smooth and the semi flexible material is fabulous, it's very quiet and unobtrusive so it isn't bothering anyone else in the house or making them wonder where on earth that buzzing noise is coming from (someone's phone?). Bonus: it's do aesthetically pleasing. If it wasn't so inappropriate to put something like that on display. I totally would, lol. This may be the perfect toy, really.


September 16,2017
Love how small the vaginal vibrator is for us non wider ladies. The Clitoral speeds are PERFECT.

This is one of my favorites.

Marlena Fryman

September 13,2017
I bought this toy at a party in February. The good: soft material, ten speeds, 'rechargeable'. A little over six months pass with moderate use and it is DEAD. I could tell it was on the decline for the past few months but still got the job done. Now it doesn't work at all. Don't waste nearly $200 on this toy. It would be more cost and pleasure advantageous to frequently replace cheaper models. I won't be wasting my money on other pure romance products if this is the longevity for their supposedly 'top of the line' toy.


June 14,2017
Worth every penny. A really great quality vibrator. Glad I splurged on it. The only downside I faced was that I paid shipping for it and the consultant at the party shipped it to her house, then me, so it took longer to get that I would have liked. Other than that I highly recommend!

Mrs. W

May 31,2017
This is a great product. I really do love it! Even with the high price point, it is definitely worth it. I like it because I don't have to hold it once it is in place. That helps everything last a little longer to me. Definitely recommend for anyone! Sexually active or not, everyone needs a vibrator. Great stress relief! I only gave it a four because it is not my favorite Pure Romance vibrator, but definitely amazing!

Mrs. "O"

May 14,2017
I was very excited when my toy arrived but I have yet to be impressed. I have had other similar toys that I like better but this one just doesn't do it for me. I will keep working it, to see if there is a breakthrough. For the price I was expecting fireworks but it's far from that. Maybe if I would have got the one with bunny ears, I would enjoy it more. Also, be sure to read the comment about how to charge it. It is confusing as described.


April 10,2017
This has become my go-to toy. I was initially apprehensive about the high price but trust me, it's worth every penny! The variations in speed are really wide, so you can start very low and end very high. The batter is great as well, I've had this for almost two months and using it almost daily I've only had to charge it 3-4 times. My only complaint is that there isn't a way to turn one vibration off without also turning the other off (so if you have both going at once and you want to turn the shaft off, you have to turn the whole thing off and then back on). That's really the only thing I can think of that keeps this from being perfect. If I could only have one toy, this would be what I kept. Also, if you're confused on where to plug the power cord in, on the back of the toy at the bottom, in the silicone just above the gold plating, there are indentations of the letters CE (it's something in French) and the letters DC. Between the two sets of letters there is a small dot, and to plug in the power cord you have to push the plug through the dot into the toy until you hear/feel it click in place. It can be tricky the first time but it gets easier!


April 06,2017
One word: Awesome. I done normally spend this much on a toy, but I really love this, and it loves me ;). I also love how quite it is.

Alisha Cuddy

March 18,2017
I love this toy! I've had quite a few toys in my time, and this is quite possibly my favorite one, ever! It's totally worth the price


March 02,2017
This is an awesome toy. I don't need a man when I have this. My only problem is where do you plug it in. Starting to lose power 😎I recommend this product. Looking for someone else to play with me, I think 2 would have more pleasure..


February 20,2017
Don't let the price scare you off... if you want something that lasts you want good quality.
Let me start by saying, this is my new favorite toy. I love that it is rechargeable, it charges FAST!!! The silicone is velvety smooth, and this little buddy is POWERFUL!! Definitely worth the investment!!

January 28,2017
I thought this was totally worth the money from the very first time my boyfriend used it on me. Seriously this thing is incredible... it gives totally different orgasms like nothing I've ever experienced. This thing will definitely take your breath away.


December 05,2016
This toy is amazing..I really am not a huge fan of dual action vibrators in general, I prefer to have more control, but this one basically ticks all the boxes, gives unbelievable orgasms and possible to use with a partner! Be prepared to go temporarily blind. seriously good.


October 21,2016
I cannot believe this toy has no other reviews! I am in LOVE! This is the first dual action vibrator I have had and I am a fan for life. This toy gave me my first ever g spot orgasm. I have had several partners and toys in the past but it is next to impossible for me to orgasm.....Well,not anymore;-)