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Hand Jive Reversible Masturbation Sleeve



Let’s do the Hand Jive, baby! This ultra-soft pleasure sleeve is reversible with two unique textures that feel just like the real thing. Do the Hand Jive one way, then flip the script for a completely different sensation. Even better? The sleeve’s open-ended design means he can rock out solo or you can play together—talk about a dynamite duet!


  • Reversible with two unique textures
  • Suitable for any type of water play
  • Open-ended for solo or couples action 


Lubricate erect penis with a small amount of creamy lubricant, such as Whipped. Slide sleeve over penis, and use a variety of speeds, strokes, and techniques. Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Come Clean. For full details on using this product, plus more tips for enhancing your intimate life, visit!

What other shoppers think



There are 3 reviews for this product

November 24,2017
It's better than anything I have used in the past, yes its THAT amazing.
-feels identical to the real thing
-easy to clean
-get the toy bag though, if you have pets or have been around people with pets their hair, and just in general hair seems to find its way to it, so definitely get the toy bag.


November 03,2017
Such a great toy. It's fun to use on my husband and he absolutely loves it. Great purchase, I highly recommend it!


September 08,2017
My husband really digs this but we have used it about three times and have, of course, washed it before and after each use with Pure Romance's toy cleaner and I have only used the whipped lube it recommends and it seems like the toy is getting quite sticky to the touch. Not sure if this is normal? I'm sure my husband would say even if we only got three uses out of it it'd be worth $10 a visit ha!

Leslie Gilbert