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Head Liner 14-Function Dual-Action Vibrator


Head Liner

You’ll see stars when Head Liner takes the stage! This multitalented entertainer performs beautifully with a contoured clitoral massager and swirled shaft for double the pleasure. The dual motors offer three speeds and four pulsing patterns, letting you create perfectly choreographed combinations at the touch of a button.  


  • Two independently controlled motors
  • 14 thrilling functions
  • Bath-friendly design
  • Length: 5 in./13 cm, girth: 4.25 in./11 cm


To insert batteries, twist base to left and pull down. Insert batteries and replace base by pushing up and twisting to the right. To cycle through clitoral speeds and pulsing patterns, push right arrow to increase and left arrow to decrease. To cycle through shaft vibration speeds and pulsing patterns, push up arrow to increase and down arrow to decrease. To turn off, hold any button down for three seconds.
Requires 3 AA batteries.
Store in a cool, dry place. 

What other shoppers think



There are 8 reviews for this product

January 14,2018
This toy is my "ol' reliable". I just replaced it after my first one died after over a year and a half's use. It disappoints me to see the negative reviews since this one has been my favorite and it's a reasonable price by PR standards. It gives me multiple O's and I couldn't be happier!


September 08,2017
Very disappointed with the product. Literally worked once. Changed batteries multiple times still didn't work. Unfortunately will never purchase from again.


June 26,2017
Received and does not WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 30,2017
Bought this toy at a pure romance party. Received the toy in the mail because she did not have any on hand and it did not work. With several new batteries in it they toy still would not turn in. Contacted the rep and she was not real help. Gave me directions on how to make the toy work which still did help. I offered to receive my money back and was told this is not possible. That all sales are final. Was told I could replace the toy or getting something for the same value. I would have to use my money to send the broken product to her so she can send it to the warehouse to see if it works. In the end I just didn't send the product back because I reviewed the comments below and should of not bought the product in the first place.

Candace M.

February 21,2017
Wasn't what I expected but still ok. Sort of a let down.

Lynn M.

February 17,2017
It's not my favorite one, but still enjoyable. I haven't used mine in water though.

Samantha T.

February 05,2017
Don't buy this toy!!!!!! It was great for the first few months. It only has a 60 day warranty and they do not stand behind their products. I had one and it stopped working after 90 days. It says it's safe to use in the shower, but what they don't tell you is you have to take the batteries out to dry. I was told after it broke that I could get a discount on a new one and they would suggest some of the more expensive toys. Big rip off. DO NOT BUY.

Nicki W

November 27,2016
Worked really well, except it unexpectedly just stopped working after I had it for a month.