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Toy Tote Discreet Sex Toy Storage Bag


Toy Tote Sex Toy Storage Bag

You have a special place for everything in your house — why should your sex toys be any different? Toy Tote is an easy, discreet way to store your bedroom accessories in a safe, stealthy way!


  • Toy Tote is perfect for keeping your vibrator hidden from the prying eyes of your kids — or your parents!
  • An easy, stylish way to keep bacteria out and keep the clean in
  • Big enough to hold even the largest sex toy
  • Dimensions: 12" H x 51/2" W x 1.75" D


Store each toy separately in its own Toy Tote.

Machine washable.

What other shoppers think



There are 6 reviews for this product

May 31,2017
Be sure to get this if you have a vibrator that doesn't come with a box! It keeps everything clean and safe and it is much more discreet to hide somewhere if you have kids around!

Ms. "O"

November 27,2016
Discreet and a nice little bag to keep dust, lint, etc off your toy. Especially if you have a toy that has a little bit of a tacky coating, or gets staticky and attracts dust. Big enough for most toys.


October 21,2016


March 01,2015
A very beautifully discreet way to hide toys! I have a few of these and love them. They're very soft and keep dust and other stuff off your toys. I love that there's an antimicrobial liner and that they're machine washable

Amanda C

June 10,2014
I have a few of these! They definitely come in handy. Not only for keeping my toys hidden but from dust and particles getting on it.

Myan Erickson

March 16,2014
I am very impressed with this tote. It far exceeded my expectations. It is very feminine, soft and lingerie like. It is a very nice choice to keep your toy in, very discreet as well.

Cynthia Rosenberger