We sell must-have bath, body, personal and intimacy products that are designed by women and made for everyone.

Like A Virgin

24-Hour Tightening Cream

Coochy - Love Story

Conditioning Shave Cream

Coochy - Amour

Conditioning Shave Cream

Titan Shave

Conditioning Shave Cream

HēLi Shave

Conditioning Shave Cream

Body Dew - Love Story

Hydrating Body Oil

Body Dew - Blooms En Noir

Hydrating Body Oil

Body Dew - Amour

Hydrating Body Oil

Titan Oil

Hydrating Body Oil

Refreshing Fragrance Mist - Titan

HēLi Oil

Hydrating Body Oil

HēLi Bath

Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Kiss - Love Story

Refreshing Fragrance Mist

Nourishing Body Lotion - Love Story

Nourishing Body Lotion - Truly Sexy Flirt

Nourishing Body Lotion - Amour

Nourishing Body Lotion - Blooms En Noir

Nourishing Body Lotion - Titan

HēLi - Nourishing Body Lotion

Body Boost

Firming Cream

Chafe Escape

Anti-Friction Elixir

Basic Instinct

Sex Attractant

Afterglow - Flirt

Illuminating Serum