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Jul 15,2016 | Sex Tips & Techniques


Is rope a nope? Does a crop make you stop? Prepare to enter a world of kinky fantasy.

Sometimes “bow chicka wow wow” can fall by the wayside when you’re in a committed relationship and have an entire season of “Orange is the New Black” to watch. Let’s face it—it’s something that happens to quite a few couples at one time or another, and sometimes the “same old thing” needs to be shaken (or tied?) up to keep that spark alight. In a word? Bondage.

That’s right—channeling a little Christian Grey in the bedroom never hurt anybody (unless that happens to be what you’re into). How you start your bondage adventures is totally up to you—all you need is a little equipment to make it happen.

While bondage accessories can range into the thousands cost-wise, for you and your partner, inexpensive restraints (see below!) can break the ice and get you going. Read on for a beginner’s and advanced overview of bondage.

Soft Bondage For Beginners

You've never tried bondage, but you think it might be just the thing you need. Lots of people get a thrill out of restraint, whether they’re the person being restrained, or their partner is.

  • Restraints – while you can use rope to restrain your partner, it can cause chafing, rope burns, and cut off the circulation to hands and feet if used by an inexperienced person. However, there are a variety of restraints designed for safe, comfortable play. (Or, at least as comfortable as you want it to be!) Try the Bed, Bondage, and Beyond soft restraint system that slips right under your mattrass, or go old school with Cozy Cuffs over the bed post.

  • Blindfolds – The sensation of being blindfolded can add a new level of excitement to your bondage play, especially when combined with restraints (meaning you can’t remove the blindfold!) When this happens, your senses kick into overdrive to compensate, which means your naughty bits just got really sensitive! (Yes, please!) If you’re the one doing the restraining, it can be thrilling to tease your partner when they can’t see what you’re doing. Get started with our super soft Blindfold, or try a restraints/blindfold duo, Vanilla Bondage Kit.

Advanced Bondage For Next Level Play

  • Nipple clamps – If you and your partner agree you'd like to try something a little “harder,” there are options for restraint beyond simple straps and tie-downs. Nipple clamps are exactly what they sound like ... they clamp onto the nipples of the person who’s tied up, causing anything from pleasure to pain, depending on what level you both want to take things to. These Nipple Clamps do the job, while adding an additional level of sensation with feather accents that tease bare breasts.

  • Whips and crops – Want to have an impact on your partner? This is the way to do it! Make bondage hurt so good with a sexy Riding Crop (accented with a little heart, of course!), then go for a softer side of “pain” with this tantalizing Tickle & Whip combo. Don’t forget to say “hello” to your inner dominatrix with a faux leather Flogger.

Just because you’re aroused by the thought of bondage doesn't mean you’ll definitely love it in practice—the only way to find out is try it for yourself. Start with simple, light restraint during sexy times with your partner, then move on to blindfolds, nipple clamps, and more, depending on your pleasure and comfort level. That said, anytime you try something new in the bedroom, it’s essential to keep an open line of communication between you and your partner, but especially so with bondage. Use a safe word to make sure comfort is maintained throughout bondage play.

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t be surprised if you and your partner suddenly get behind on the ol’ Netflix schedule.